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I need some advice, I am set to Graduate in May with my ADN, only 3 weeks left of Clinical. We have a new clinical instructor that is just filling in for the one we were suppose to have due to out teacher having a baby. I have never had a bad mark on my review, as a matter of fact I have had all really nice things said about me! I happen to be 5 mos pregnant coming in to this final rotation, and I swear this woman has something against me. I dont know what I have done, but it is obvious that she has something personal against me. She gave me NI's ( Needs Improvement) on my Time Management and wrote that the reason she gave it to me is because I "seem to have idle time on my hands" I only have been getting 2 patients!! of course I get everything done early! I dont know what to do, I fear rocking the boat at this point, but I also fear what else she will write on my evaluation.... I am so close to being done, I am scared she may hurt me with Graduation coming up so quickly! Someone please help me!!

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I moved this over to Student Nursing forum. It was in the nursing polls area. I think You will get more coverage in this section.

If I may make a suggestion, do what the instructor suggests. If she thinks you are making poor use of your time management, then look for ways to keep yourself busy if she feels being idle is not the thing to do. If you have nothing to do for your patient then help your colleagues or the staff. Walking a patient or getting some fresh water is always appreciated by all.

Watch out for senior-itis... there is always something to be learned from any situation or instructor. Ask the teacher what she thinks you could/should be doing. You may learn something really great that will help you when you are on the floor.

Good luck with your finals! Have a great time with graduation!



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Hi nrseamy

I think what nightngale1998 said is great advice. If this new instructor has different expectations of her students, you need to find out how you can fulfill those expectations. Definately talk to her, and ask her if she can give you some clarification of what she expects.

I know that all of our clinical instructors are different. Some are very strict, and some are very lax. I had strict instructors for both last semester, and this semester. But that is ok with me, I feel that I have learned so much.

Don't worry, you can tough it out for three more weeks! You've come this far, you'll make it!

Congrats, and good luck when you take your NCLEX!


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Ah a road that i have traveled more often than i would like.

the subjective nature of nursing evaluation is the bread & butter for advisors who love the power that their position gives them.

Here is what to do, start a personal journal and detail every interaction with the advisor, what is said; what your clinical day was like, what is said at every meeting. Document everything! this give you a more solid fundation if you need to appeal. make sure your dates are correct and all assignment are submitted on time. After any presenation to your clinical peers, ask them to fill out an evaluation (that u have prepared). if you advisor uses email, USE IT, any clarification you need email her. Emails can be kept and used to support your agrument, but can be used against u too.

If you should get a failing mark it helps if ur teacher cannot use late assignment or missed clinical hours against you. Your school should have an obusperson, harassment center and an establish appeals process. Use these if needed. I was told that appealing a clinical mark was not an option, which was a lie. So investigate ur option urself.

where the educators really get you is when you have the 1:1 meeting with them. they know that they can say anything to you, make sexist remarks, imply that you are unfit to be a nurse, even make comment on you mental health. And should you not take it then its a "he said , she said" matter and the teacher always wins, unless you document really well.

Its not an easy road, do what she has said and alway look busy, even if you have to crack a book and research a drug or diagnosis. If she has questions on ur written work ask via email for clarification.

Bottom line we are not there to be abused, yet it happens way to much. Become well aware of the student resourses at your school and the clinical policies in use. Dont give her anything to fail you over and you road will be easier. Dont jump the gun, but know how to procede if your abused.


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This is my pet peeve about school but for me mainly involves care plans. Each instructor has us do them in just a little different manner, for almost a year now, all my work has been S or S+, now all of a sudden it is S- when I'm doing them the same way I have all along. It is nerve racking, especially for me, since I'm very anal about my paperwork. LOL Just hang in there Amy & don't use this instructor for a reference. And always "look" busy. ;-)

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Hi amy I live in Iowa also .It sounds like where I go to school.Give me a reply back .Maybe we can keep in touch.I have to say is hang in there no matter what the outcome;s my email [email protected]. lynnbee.


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I have to concur with the other responses. One of the difficult things about nursing school is that you are exposed to so many different instructors and they all have different expectations of care planning, paperwork, clinical performance, etc. So I can see how this instructor toward the end of your nursing education could make you a bit upset and concerned about your upcoming graduation.

Have you had this instructor all semester?

My biggest piece of advice to you would be to be more proactive in your clinical experience. If you have time on your hands, and you have admitted you do because obviously you're efficient and are capable of taking care of two patients, why don't you ask for another patient? Or see if there is anything else you can do for your peers/the staff/whoever? Accompany a patient to the OR if anyone is going... find things that will not only make you look busy, but will enhance your student experience.

I've found that if you are honest with your instructor about your needs during clinical (and I've told instructors more than once that I am 'bored' and in need of more stimulation), they are more likely to try and make this a good learning experience for you, and they will look on you favorably at the time of your eval.

Just my .02.

If you really feel that this instructor is being maliciously unfair to you, that is another thing entirely.

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I have to agree with the rest of the posters. I have a feeling this instructor thinks one can never do enough patient teaching and if she doesnt have to look for you when she comes to check on you that you arent busy enough.

When you are finished with your assessments etc., go have a seat and talk to your patients about anything that comes to mind. If the patients arent accessible, check with the other students then if they are doin ok, grab a chart and start reading the histories/OR or x-ray reports/ compare labs day to day/ read the discharge planning/ PT evals. Ya never know it might keep her off your back long enough to get outta there. It's only a few weeks, I doubt that there is anything she is going to be able to do that will keep you from finishing the program, especially if you have had good evals up to this point. Hang in there, its almost over!

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