Trouble getting any interviews in Sacramento area


Hi there!

I'm new to the Sacramento area and looking for an acute care position. I have a year of tele experience, my BSN, and I have received my California license. I've been cranking out applications to all the area hospitals for about a month, but I haven't had any responses. Does anyone have any advice on the application process, or how to increase my chances of getting an interview? I'm getting discouraged by the online application process and I just really want to get some face-time with someone in a hospital!

I appreciate any help!


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Directly email the managers or just drop by their office and mention you applied and were wondering what you could do to obtain an interview.

I had trouble with HR advancing my application to hiring managers recently (not in Sacramento) and I emailed and called the director and was told they were impressed with my initiative. Got an interview and got the job.

Just tread cautiously, don't want to appear pushy about it or desperate.

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I feel like it took longer than a month for me to get any call backs. 1 year is right on that border. Apply to everything you are qualified for and try to make connections. I'd take a local travel assignment or whatever to get your foot in the door

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It might be lack of experience. A year of tele not appealing to get into that job market. I applied for a job with UC Davis and got quick call backs. Even got HR to reach out to me asking if I might be interested in some of their other open positions. I have also worked at a Level 1 trauma hospital in the past. Sounds like you need more exp.