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Trouble with general surgery group... seeking advice

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Hello all,

Got a question. I work in a small community hospital. We have a group of surgeons... general surgery... that pretty much handles all the chole's, appy's, colectomies...etc. The group consists of 3 docs. One doc very competent, one doc pretty good and one doc a nightmare. Most of the 3rd docs patients end up with major complications such as obstructions, ileus', abcesses. Simple lap appy's end up on TPN and 14 day stays. All of the nursing staff refuse to allow this physician to operate on them or their family members. We have had staff come into the ER, find out who's on call and leave in pain if it is that 3rd doc. Here is our dilemma. This group brings big bucks into the hospital. The 2 partners are obviously making money as well, they usually end up cleaning up the mess that number 3 has made. The kicker to all of this is ... Number 3 is department head and sleeping with number 2. Number 2 has a very good rapport with most of the nursing staff and no one feels comfortable talking to number one or two about our concerns. Any advice??? Thanks:confused: :confused:

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Oh boy! This is bad!

How long has this been going on?

Certainly there must be quality control meetings, where committee members discuss complications in treatment, and you'd think that eventually the common denominator would be obvious!

Can you (or anyone) recommend cases for reviewal?

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Not much help here?

Looks like yuor stuck, until:

a) Something splits 3 & 2 up.

b) the partners get tired of cleaning up the messes.

c) enough suites get filed he can't afford to practice anymore.

My thought? If you like your job, just let it run it's course and avoid being on any of his charts if possible.

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