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Tri-C accelerated adn

I was hoping someone could help me out about the Tri C accelerated adn program. Is it doable with kids? It is my understanding that it is a 1 year program? I do have all prereqs done...so for me it is a matter of scheduling. I just can't sit around and wait another year for Stark State's program. If anyone who has been through the curriculum, could you give me asn idea of what the week's schedule would be like if all you needed to take was the nursing courses....with all other classes done?


Hey - I will be starting the accelerated program at Tri-C in May. I guess it is 4 consecutive semesters, meaning I will be done in 8/10. I am very excited but increasingly nervous. What did you decide on?

By the Way - I have two young children, so it will be a challenge, and reading these posts scares me even more :(


Yes, I am going to be in your class. My one girlfriend will be there also. I am nervous too! I would just like to know what the scheduling will be like for us since I do have 2 little ones at home. My friend is not married with kids but she works too so......I am not too familiar with how this site works but maybe we could get each others emails since we will be in classes together for 15 months!

I would love to talk more as it sounds like we are in very similiar circumstances.

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I am pretty sure I will be starting this May as well. I am very excited and nervous all at the same time!


Welcome Kim! What kind of career are you coming from? I have a BA and work for a nonprofit, so this will be quite a change for me.

Did everyone receive their registration packets?

Thank you for the welcome Maggie! I also come from a nonprofit background. I have an undergraduate degree in social work and have been working in the nonprofit industry for the past 10 years or so. I love it, but I definitely need a change!

I just got my registration packet today (I had to push for provisional acceptance into the program this summer due to a pre-req mix up, so I feel like I am a bit behind.) I feel like I have a lot to do before the summer starts!

Oh, did you guys look at the course schedule for this summer? It looks like it is a pretty killer schedule, but definitely doable.

I haven't been able to look at the schedule. I did however make my appointments for my shots, and CPR training yesterday. I know how you feel, I have so much to get in order by 4/24! I had a nice long talk with a friend who is an RN as well yesterday, she came from a very similiar background as myself and alleviated a lot of my worries.

I took a look at the schedule and here is the one that works best for me:


8-9:30 1300 Lecture

10-2:40 1300 Lab


8-11:10 1450 Lecture

11:30 - 1:10 1450 Lab


8-11:10 1450 Lecture

Thursday and Friday:

7-3:30 Clinicals

There was some flexibility with when you can take the labs (I don't remember the other times but I believe they were only available Monday and Tuesday), but there is only one option for everything else. I was reading one of the letters on the group site and it said you can plan on studying 30 hours a week in addition to scheduled school time...I have got to admit, I am a bit scared! I just keep reminding myself that my micro teacher scared the bejesus out of me before that class started and I did fine in the class.

Where are you taking the CPR? I am scheduled to take it at the Red Cross in Akron in March. Do you have any idea how long the certification for the class through the Heart Association is good for? I chose the Red Cross class because it said the certification was good for 2 years. They used it as a selling point, so I assumed the Heart Association certification was good for less time...perhaps a bad assumption on my part. :)

I am glad to hear that your friend alleviated some of your worries. Did she talk about nursing school or the nursing profession?

Umm, okay, I think I want your exact schedule! Seriously that would work for me. I wonder if it is all at metro, or if you can choose the campuses, etc...? I took micro. at the East campus last summer, and I saw nursing students there.

Where are you located? I am taking CPR (4/16) through the Cuy. Board of Health, it is the one for "health providers" I forget which one that is. I just did it there, b/c I was making my appt. to get my immunizations done. That double mantoux is going to be a pain b/c you have to go back every few days to have it read or something.

My friend talked about the profession and school, but I was mostly concered with the school part.

30 hrs. a week of studying is going to be very difficult. Are you still planning on working at all while in school? Do you have children?

That schedule is only available at Metro...in fact, they don't seem to offer nursing courses anywhere over the summer except for Metro. How did you like the Metro campus? I have taken courses at Western and Eastern, but haven't made it to Metro yet.

I am in Hudson...down by Twinsburg. Mapquest is saying that it is only a 35 min. drive to the Metro campus, but I am afraid of how much time traffic will add on to that!

I don't have kids yet, but hopefully sometime after nursing school is over. :) I am planning on waiting to see about work. I took A&P I and Bio 1100 together last summer and those pretty much kicked my butt, so I am going to wait to see how I do before committing to working or not.

I noticed earlier that you have kids, how many and how old? Are you planning on working?

I haven't taken any classes at Metro either, just east and online. I was hoping to avoid metro, as I work downtown now and hate the commute. But oh well. My parents live on the east side, so I was hoping they could help with my children (5 yrs. and almost 2 yrs.).

As far as work, def. not the job I am in now, but possibly something in a hospital.

I live in Fairview, by the airport.

I have a feeling I am going to hate the commute as well. Hopefully a good cup of coffee and some good music will help me through!

Have you looked at childcare through Tri-C? I am sure you probably get care for free from your parents, but if you have to pay for it Tri-C might be the most affordable.

Do you have any idea when classes actually start? I have been looking all over the Tri-C site and I can't find an actual date.

I am pretty sure I will have help for the summer(s); and will most likely use my current babysitter or enroll my youngest in a daycare in the same building where my oldest will be in Kindergarten next year.

I think classes start 5/27 (Tues. after Memorial Day). It is hard to find the academic schedule on their site.

I got some (long story) of my shots yesterday, did my background check, registered/paid for CPR and changed my major code on line! Has anyone done the online test yet? If so, how was it? Oh - I also did a FASFA last week.

I did the NEONI test. The test is the same one that is at the back of the NEONI packet...so if you just fill that out before you answer the questions online you should be fine. Oh, and one of the questions is about the biggest difference between men and women being communication...the answer is true, communication style is one of the biggest differences between men and women. Apparently, communication is a bigger difference than having a penis vs. having a vagina or breasts, or the ability to lactate, or the ability to bear children. :)

Hey, am I missing something or does the info. packet we received not contain the time and place for orientation on Thursday? Also, after taking the online test, I did not see a "confirmation" page, I saw my results..........any help?!

It is at the Metro Campus, Health Careers and Sciences Building, Room 336 and it starts at noon. That information is on the double-sided page that starts "Dear New Nursing Student" It is in bold in the 3rd paragraph. I didn't see it either and called to ask. :)

There is no confirmation page, just the page with your results. I asked and they said to print that out, sign it, and put your student ID number on it.

Thank you! Glad I wasn't the only one wondering these things! See you there, I'll have a pink carnation on my lapel!

jk! :)

LOL...that is pretty funny.

Do you have any idea how big the group is? Have you picked out the courses you want? I am really, really hoping to get into the clinicals in Bedford. That is only 15 minutes from my house and that commute would be great at 7 a.m.!

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