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I'm thinking to start a nursing journal here if it's not a problem.

My name is Trevor and I'm a first year nursing student in university.

Courses this semester:




Human G&D

I will write about my experience in nursing school.


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A little bit about myself, I am in my early 20's. I got A's in the first semester of university so it was a good start. I hope this semester I can continuously do well.


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Feb 16, 2014

I was browsing some nursing programs in the US and I found some programs require more science courses than my current university. I wonder if this is a trend in nursing in North America. My university does not require any Chemistry or Physics courses. But the nutrition course I am taking is a bit like Biochemistry where we learn about basic metabolism.

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Journalling is a good idea, but your time during first year should be spent learning all the foundational concepts you need in your nursing career. I had 7 courses first year, and I remember what that was like.

Good luck!


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Feb 16, 2014

Perhaps most of my classmates are female, everyday after I get home I find tons of long hairs stuck on the bottom of my pants. It's really annoying that I have to use wet paper towels to wipe them off.

Also, my guy friends think I am having a "good" time in my nursing classes because of the ladies. To be honest I really see the girls as my classmates rather than someone to start an intimate relationship.


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Have you set up a blog on blogging site?


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Have you set up a blog on blogging site?

I saw a forum where they have a specific section for study journals but it was for medicine. I was trying to find a similar place for nursing but I couldn't. I prefer the forum format rather than blogging. I don't mind deleting this thread though if it's a problem here. If you know a good place to start, please let me know. Thanks.


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If you click on your "account" link, there is a blog tab. You could try that. Not sure a general forum thread is the best place for a personal journal.

Pro-tip: Get used to the idea of having far worse things then long hair stuck to your pants after a day of work.

cheers :)


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Awesome. When I click blog, it says no articles to display. How I can make a new post then?

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