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traveling with pets


I plan to begin Travel Nursing this Fall. I will be traveling with pets. Any advice? Are some companies better than others for Nurses traveling with pets?

I'm not a nurse yet, but for the past 3 years I worked at a hotel that had a contract with Cross Country Staffing. We rented suites (apartments) to nurses through them. Although we didn't allow pets, we allowed our long term guests (nurses, business people, etc) to have them. I have no other knowledge of what kind of agency CCS is other than we had our contract with them :)

Thank you Vampy :) I'm curious - are you a Nursing Student?

I always wondered what kind of situation Nurses were in when they lived in hotels like this but it sounds doable for sure!

I'm still prenursing. I am just finishing up my LNA class in the next two weeks :)

One way to go with pets is an RV. RV parks are perhaps universally pet friendly. RV is a lifestyle choice, not a way to save money, but having pets certainly helps give that lifestyle bonus points.

@NedRN Can you rent RV's? Never thought of buying one.

Yes, but that is not practical. As an example, everyone would rent cars instead of buying them if it made financial sense. Now sometimes an RV park may have a stationary RV for rent. But as I said, RV's are not a way to save money, even under ideal circumstances (buying used in really excellent shape).


Has 6 years experience.

I travel with a little shih tzu and it's never been a problem. As long as it's not a breed restricted dog u shld b fine.

I travel with 2 dogs. One is a German Shepherd, the other is a miniature Schnauzer. I have had some difficulty, mostly because of the German Shepherd breed being on the "restricted breed" list. If you take an assignment in a vacation spot, it's not as bad. Fortunately for us, (my husband travels with me), the VA wrote a letter labeling the GS as a companion/service animal for my husband who suffers from PTSD. It has worked nicely.

I travel with a border collie. Just make sure your housing coordinator knows that you are traveling with a pet so they can place you in the appropriate housing. I'm currently set up in an apartment where the pets can go pretty much anywhere in the complex. I know of some other travelers that were placed in apartments with on site mini pet parks.