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Traveling Nursing jobs

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I have been thinking about traveling nursing for a while and I really like to try it. But I don't have any friends who worked as a traveling nurse before. I like the idea but I'm afraid of doing it. I guess, because I'm not sure what can happen or what to expect? can any one give me some advice? some words of wisdom!! I love to hear from those of you who worked as a traveling nurse before or know some one who did it. Thank you.

I worked as a traveler. The best thing is you make really good money and they usually put you in a nice place. Some agencies can place you in a dog friendly apartment if you want to take your pet. Many of the travel companies provide healthcare right when you start.

You need to be able to be around people you do not know. You may not receive an orientation or just a short one dayer. So be prepared to ask important questions like where is the crash cart, o2 shut off, fire est., policies and procedures, esp. for hanging blood etc. Make a list of what you think you should know.

You may be able to get to see new place and have some fun.

I spent a lot of time comparing and talking to different companies. I looked at locations, wages, apartment allowances, health insurances, places for my dog, crime rates, churches, and activities in the community.

Just a few thoughts.

Good luck. Choose wisely...


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Hey fery632. Welcome to AllNurses.com

Great question. Asked a hundred times a month...

And the answer is just a click away.

Yes, we have a section dedicated to "travel nurses". Feel free to explore.

Read a little. Do some research and come back later and ask questions when

you know a little more.



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I loev traveling. It can be scray to get into but if you work with the right company the expereince is great1 I love the pay and being able to see new places. There are ceratin hospitals that are knownw for being "travel friendly" so I would try and start with one of those? Where are you wnating to travel to?


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