Traveling with kids? Husband and wife traveling?

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Is it possible?

DH and I would both like to travel, but we have a three year old.

Is it do-able?

If we both traveled, would the agency just pay for one place?



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I have my 11 and 14 year olds with me, that's easier than a 3yr old though. I worked with a traveler that had her 22m.o. twins with her..I currently work with a traveler that has her 3kids and husband, but he home schools them. I have mine in school. I believe it to be a fabulous experience for them. We live one block from the snow covered corn fields in central ny!! They are happy and doing well in school, it's an adjustment but well worth it!!



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i had the same question as well about traveling with my 3 year old. i'm an lpn now but i will be finished with rn in jan of next year.

i would like to get a few solid years under my belt before i think about traveling, but i'm just nervous because my baby will be 5 or 6 by then. i want to see other parts of the country, but i don't wanna bounce her all around either.

it's a very difficult decision to make


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I'm wondering about this too. Obviously I have a ways to go before I can even think about traveling, but I wanted to know if my future hubby will be able to come with me.

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