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Was interested in knowing if any of you have done travel nursing working in Home Health? If so, would you please share your experience? What companies you have used? Etc.


Ironically I have been looking for the same opportunity, I hope someone responds to this thread.

Don't see this mentioned often. Believe Travelmax, the travel division of Maxim places travel nurses in home health. Know when I worked for Maxim, was asked to do a travel assignment one time.

Nationwide registries such as Favorite Nurses and Maxim might be a good place to start looking. But most agencies get postings occasionally. I just took a look at the ads posted on Delphi travel nurses and found about two to four home health assignments posted a month for the last several months. They were posted by medium sized travel companies, and at least one very small agency. One with pay listed was $33 plus housing and travel supplied. That should just represent the tip of the iceberg as only a handful of agencies advertise there.

Take a look at those postings or just start calling agencies for more info until you find one you like.

Hi I am currently traveling with Nova Pro​. I am also working with Core Medical and Advantage RN. There are jobs out there specifically for Home Health. Look for companies that list HH in their specialties. I have found its very difficult to obtain your first travel position because most companies want experienced HH/Hospice travel nurses. Having an Oasis background is huge.

I looked for recruiters that have an understanding of HH and will try to get me decent pay. That being said HH explosion is still new and ER, ICU, and L & D are still highest paid. My present recruiter really has no clue the amount of paperwork I do off the clock and intricacies of HH like wounds, IVs, Trachs, SOCs, etc that can make an 8 hr day turn into 14+. It took 12 months for me to find my first position and it was almost a disaster (see my previous post). Currently finishing up my second assignment five weeks to go in Hawaii. And in last two days, have had my regular recruiters plus several new ones call asking where I'm interested in going next. It seems I'm now considered experienced. I am still learning the ropes and how to negotiate. Other veterans like Ned RN can offer the best advice. :) But hope this helps.

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