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Hi all!

Please forgive me if this subject has already been discussed!

My husband and I (1 RN, 1RN2B) are thinking of using a travel agency as sort of of a taste test for finding places to settle down.

Is traveling with a 2 yr old manageable? Is it possible to save money while traveling?



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Hi bluesky :)

When I was a traveling nurse, one of my daughters traveled with me as the other two were out of the nest. The one who traveled with me was only eleven years of age when I started traveling. She didn't seem to mind the traveling, but when she got "homesick" for friends and other family, I would always move close to home so she could enjoy that fellowship with them again.

It is possible to travel with a child, especially one your child's age because he/she isn't in school yet. Once the kids start school, they really don't like changing schools as much. My daughter didn't like that part of it, so once she started junior high school, I had to settle down some place and take longer assignments so she could feel more centered with friends and activities, etc.

If you and your husband are leaning towards traveling as nurses, go for it while your child is very young. Enjoy! It can be an education in and of itself. I wouldn't trade my experiences as a traveling nurse for anything in the world. :)

As far as being able to save money, that too is possible. I didn't save much though. I spent and spent and spent....:D I enjoyed being able to buy whatever I wanted without pinching pennies. My daughter became very spoiled because we shopped for her like crazy every time I got paid, took her out to eat and movies all the time, and even took her on a mini cruise for her 12th birthday to Catalina Island.

Who knows....I may travel again as a nurse one day!


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Exellent idea, but since of you hasn't finished school yet, it would be another year after they finished before you could travel. But yes it is possible to travel with a chilc, especially one not in school yet. Save money....YES!

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