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Besides the normal tips (Have contracts lined up, know the agency ect.) any tips for someone getting into nursing with the intent to travel? It's way off (not even accepted to the ADN program I want) but can I do anything during my education or my first year out of school that will help me out down the road?

Guess I'm asking is there anything you wish you had done back when you started ?

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I'd suggest that when you get through school, pick a job at a hospital that is busy, in your area of choice, so that you can get as much experience under your belt as possible during that first year. Even as a student, if extra clinical experiences are offered, such as working at a health fair, or an extra clinical experience on a weekend or evening, grab it if at all possible.

Now, when you finish school and are doing that first year, make a point to talk to every contract nurse at your hospital about their company, what they like, dislike, etc. as that is the best way to get a real picture of the agency, rather than the ideal image they project when recruiting. (You can also make friends with these contract nurses by being the one to suggest things to do, good restaurants, excursions in your area - I find it really nice when a local does this)

In the mean time, check out the forum on called Travel Nurses and Therapists - lots of good info there.


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I want to reiterate what baglady said. Get as much experience as you can!!! I don't have a popular opinion, but I think 1 year experience (unless you had done LPN, or EMT before becoming a RN) is not enough background to start traveling (for many people).

I do not want to scare you off the idea of traveling, though! If you feel confident in yourself and your skills after 1 year, GO FOR IT!!! It is the best thing that I have ever done in my life!!

But get as much experience as you can before you start traveling. Also remember that if you, for example, have only done Med-Surg, you probably will only be able to do M/S when you travel. Most hospitals do not cross-train their travelers. (For ex, I have M/S, ICU, and ER experience before I started traveling; therefore, I can do all those specialities).

I know I am repeating myself: GET EXPERIENCE, GET AS MUCH AS YOU CAN!!!!:D

I hope you love traveling as much as I do, when you finally do it!!


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