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Travel time to and from school???

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How far will everyone have to travel to and from school?? I'm trying to gauge whether or not my drive to a certain school will be realistic. Thanks in advance for any replies!

Hour and a half-ish for me

I would be commuting every day - do you?


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About 30mins one way for me; the farthest clinical site from my house is about 45 minutes.


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90 miles each way 1-2 days/wk until clinicals start then it will likely increase. Thankfully, I have the option of riding the train which will come in handy when it snows.

yea i was thinking about this also. i was accepted into 2 different schools, 1 school i can live 10 mins driving to class but live 3 hours from family. my other option is to live with my family and travel 1.5 hours each way. which option would you pick?

I was accepted into 2 different schools also! One of them is only about 15 minutes away (with possibly some traveling to clinical sites), and the other one is a little over an hour each way. The one that's over an hour away is the better school and the one that I'll probably go to, but I just hope driving that much every day doesn't get to me. Plus, it's right in the middle of the city, which means traffic could potentially be HORRIBLE coming back out, thus adding even more time on to the drive home. But I guess it all depends on where you see yourself and the qualities that school has to offer! I guess I'm willing to make the longer drive since the school will (hopefully) be worth it!


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Pick the school that suits your needs better! I absolutely HATE driving, particularly in bad traffic. My commute to class & clinicals is 20-40 minutes depending on traffic. I would not have even considered a school that is an hour away, lol! But a short commute is very important to ME...it may not be to you. If you love the school, it has a good reputation with current students, and you love the clinical sites, the drive will probably be worth it vs. picking a school you hate that is close. Maybe make a pros and cons list for each school and it could be more clear once it's on paper?

P.S. don't underestimate the value of current students opinions! They are the only people who will tell you the truth about the program lol!