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I am weighing all the pros and cons of traveling and would like some help. I would like to know what is the most take home pay that some of you have brought home as a traveler and the hours you... Read More

  1. by   texastraveler
    The most I have brought home in one week is $2400/wk. I worked 54/hrs that week. I had fully furnished private housing, rental car and travel pay. If I only work 40 hrs. I bring home around $1300/wk.
  2. by   psych1
    what is your specialty and who are you working for?
  3. by   jsixxerrn
    working 36 hrs a week bringing in about 1100$ a week. got a 60 hr week check coming this fri. will be nice.
  4. by   jsixxerrn
    60 hrs 1650 in a week very rural location
  5. by   harrisburglady
    can you pm me the agency ur working for?im in the process of looking for a travel agency.had o grady that has lack of benefits
  6. by   pearldora
    pm me if you'd like info
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  7. by   suzanne4
    Quote from Smilez06
    Ok Travel Nursing sounds like a pretty nice way to go, but I have a couple questions. Can you pick your location and the unit you want to work on ex.(Cardiac Rehab, ICU, or CCU)? Also, how can you find out if your license is approved in another state, will they tell you if it is or not?
    If you are in a compact state, and your license says that it is a compact license, and you are taking a travel asignment in a compact state, then you are all set. For all others, you will need to apply for endorsement to the state where you wish to take an assignment.

    You can pick the city and state, and even facility. It depends on what the needs of a particular hospital at the time. They do not always have every area available.
  8. by   suzanne4
    Quote from RNalby

    What company are you using? And where was that assingment? I'm getting 2,600 every two weeks but have to pay for my own apt and that's in NYC. PM me with more info if you wouldn't mind.
    You also have to pay for your apt on that rate? Not a good thing.
    Most pay for me is 1300 weekly or there abouts thats 48 hour week... apt paid.. rental car.. utilities paid.. etc
  10. by   k_cole21
    brought home $2200 weekly after taxes working 60 hours a week
  11. by   RN2travel
    THe most I ever got before taxes was $4128, that was working an 84 hour week. I try to do that once or twice each assignment! I allways contract for 48 hours a week, and will work OT when I feel like it.
  12. by   GrnHonu99
    Just out of curiosity what is the most in demand area in travel nursing?

    This has been such great info! I am so excited to start travel nursing! I think I would like my first stop to be NYC
  13. by   RollingThunder
    I am orientating in OR and like it so far. I am a new RN and reside in a compact state. Does anyone know about the need for OR travel nurses? Are they in as much demand as say a ICU or ER RN? I want to travel but don't want to get the wrong experience.