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I will soon be starting an assignment in Collenton Hospital in waltersboro ,SC :confused: Has any one been there or know of any one that has:imbar Would appreciate any advise. Also would any one... Read More

  1. by   Brownms46
    Carehope I'm soo sorry to hear your recruiter attitude...but you do have a contract. they're required to PAY YOU what it says!!! I would ask for someone over her immediately!! If you get no where there...I would call another agency, and get an offer for another contract...and THEN call them back and tell them if a check isn't overnited or deposited will walk!!! And be ready to go thru with what you say!!! I would also talk to your head nurse...or whomever is in charge of your floor, and let her/him know that you will have to leave, if this matter isn't taken care of!! If the hospital contracted you for 36/week...then they have to pay for those hours whether you work them or not!!! That is standard practice with every agency I have ever heard of!!! The have breached the contract if they don't honor what it says..and you are free of that contract!!

    Carehope I wouldn't let them get away with this...because : First it's not right, and not want your contract states. Second...if they did it once...they will do it again!! The hospital should NEVER be able to put you on call...NEVER!! I have had hospitals who sent their own people home because they couldn't send us home!!! Only if you agree to not work....not if you don't agree!! Let's say they ask you if you want to be off...and you say yes...then yes they don't have to pay you...but not if they told you not to come in, and you would be on call. I have never heard of agency nurse being ON CALL..without having already been given their contracted hours!

    Sorry the hotel has closed...the people were old though.... I'm glad the ride hasn't been a problem and that you're on a good floor...but please...don't let them do this to you! I can promise you will regret it. You the old saying...give an inch...take a mile??

    Take care don't deserved this..
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  2. by   frann
    I grew up in SC and there is nothing to do in that state. Unless you are at the beach. Can't buy beer on Sundays!! Florence-has absolutely nothing to do. They did recently add a ice skating rink.but that hurts my knees when I fall. And I agree about the chief of surgery there. He hangs out with Pres. Bush, but I won't hold that against Bush. He just built a new hospital last year. I womens center I think. Haven't been in it but it looks nice from outside. McCleods was built maybe 20+ years ago with a fairly new womens center. My sister used to work in McCleods womens center. She never had much complaints. My dad was in the medical/cardiac of McCleods. I was not impressed at all with the icu there.
    Charleston has many hospitals, but they have those big(2inch) water bugs(cockroaches) that fly!
  3. by   Brownms46
    Hi frann, then I probably seen your sister or you possibly. I worked agency at McLeod while in Summerville, and then took a contract at McLeod and Caroliana hospital. I lived on Woodstone the apartments across from the I think it was. My daughter started out at West Florence High School...but after I found out about the drugs there..I put her in Florence Christian. We used to go to Florence Baptist church right down the street from Carolina hosp systems.

    I slept many a mornings with my bible on my lap through Sunday School...and sometimes Church too...:chuckle But great people I must say. I'm glad I used to live in and work in Florence...because if I had not...I would have miss meeting some very awesome friends...
  4. by   carehope
    Hi brownie
    Sorry it has been so long but the computer has been down since the 6th of July. I am now in Cincinnati, Ohio. They finally did pay me but by then it was to late. I had already called another agency and My family was up in arms and insisting i come home. They kept talking like there was nothing they could do. My recuter was absolutly worthless. It really feels good being back her where nursing is more with it. Our weather here has been good. Thank you for all your help you were so understanding and you knew what i needed to do. If you ever want an interesting place to work come to cincinnati. It is a very livable place and there is just about everything to do. Nurses here are very active in nursing issues and there are many places where we are respected and treated as professionals. The only system I will tell you to stay away from is the university of Cincinnati Hospital. It is the only system that just cant get it together and treats the nurses like ying yangs. The rest are pretty good. Well thanks again and stay intouch!
  5. by   frazkw
    I am a nurse who was raised in Walterboro and worked at the hospital for about a year. First off the town is BORING. Everything closes at 9-10pm except the Wal-mart they just got not to long ago. The only real activity is the moving theatre which isn't that great. As far as housing, there is one complex that a traveler I knew was staying in, but I will have to get back to you on that. It was nice though. The hospital is very depressing to me. Typically the staff isn't very friendly to travelers, and I can definitely see what the other guy what the other guy was talking about happening. I was so happy to get out of there and I have no intentions of going back. I hope they told you that the commute from Charleston is an hour, and it's not an enjoyable ride. From deers to 2 lane roads, this may be more than you bargained for.