Vehicle for a Travel Nurse?

  1. I searched through the forums and found a lot of info on RV and such, but nothing on a good vehicle for travel.

    I plan on traveling for many years with my wife, 2 of us. We do plan on having kids 1 or 2 kids down the road. This has led me to believe that I will be carrying a lot of stuff! I always thought about an SUV but the space in largest sizes have no match to a midsize or full-size pickup.

    So here is my question...what do you think is a good vehicle to carry all the necesseties of the home, family, and work in regards to performance, safety, and efficiency? Can anyone share their experience of traveling with a family full-time?

    Personally I'm looking at a truck. My preferences are leaning towards F-150 (or Tundra) Crew cab, or a Tacoma if the space is sufficient.

    What about you?
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  3. by   aandersonrn
    I have been traveling with my husband, son, dog, and two cats in a Subaru outback. We drove us and our stuff from KS to WA.
    Uhaul sells roof carriers and get suction bags.
  4. by   yukka99
    U-haul can mount a hitch on almost any vehicle. A 4' x 8' trailer is $250-300 for up to 8 days for a cross country destination. Benefits are reduced gas cost, more cargo room and any vehicle becomes a perfect travel vehicle.
  5. by   brillohead
    I can't even imagine travel nursing with kids in tow. My husband travels a lot and we have no family here, but I at least had friends to fall back on for help and an established relationship with a pediatrician's office. But if it works for your family, more power to you!

    I also agree with the idea of getting a U-haul (truck/trailer) for the moving part and just get a "family driver" type vehicle. With the cost of gasoline, it gets really expensive driving a huge vehicle when you don't need all that space on a regular basis.
  6. by   NevadaFighter
    I'm not yet a travel nurse, but when I researching vehicles, I had travel in mind. I got a Chevy HHR. I've had it 3 1/2 years and have had no issues with it (knock on wood). It gets about 30 mpg highway and is ROOMY. The seats fold completely flat (including the passenger side seat), so you can fit LOTS of stuff if you have to move from state-to-state (which I have). I can even fit my bed in there (I've done that too...I have a memory foam bed). I love my HHR and have no plans to ever get a different model of car. I know it will be especially useful when I hit the road with my travel nurse career. Good luck!