Traveling and going to school

  1. Hello- Wondering if anyone has been a Travel nurse and attended school at the same time. If so, where did you go and did you like it? I will need to complete an RN-BSN program next year and wondering if this is the way to go.
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  3. by   Medic15251
    Have you checked out the student forums? There is a lot of good information there. Are you looking for a distance learning program or an online one?
  4. by   jen33336
    I am also interested in this with an online program.
  5. by   KatieBell
    Quote from mitch8lem
    Hello- Wondering if anyone has been a Travel nurse and attended school at the same time. If so, where did you go and did you like it? I will need to complete an RN-BSN program next year and wondering if this is the way to go.
    Are you looking at an On-Lineprogram? Otherwise, a lot ofthelegalities of travelling will make this difficult. To be eligible for tax free benefits you can not stay in a place longer than one year. Once you have been there for a year the place you are at becomes your new tax home.

    If you want to do a traditional program,it is often far easier to take a job at the hospital with the program and possibly benefit from some tuition reduction/reimbursement (though sometimes you have to be there for a while beforethe tuition bennies kick in which is a pain...)

    Some RN-BSn programs are about 9 months so you mightbe able to do it.

    That said, most places are not very keen to give a traveler say every tuesday and friday off for clinicals. I have usually had to workpretty much whatever schedule I was given with some exceptions. In some cases though you might be lucky andfind a place willing to work with you!
  6. by   travelinjones
    I am currently traveling while obtaining my RN to BSN degree through Jacksonville University online. The courses are 8 weeks each. The faculty have all been fantastic so far, and the workload is as expected...intense!
    I find it has been easy enough to do this while on assignment, I just don't have as much 'free time' to enjoy the locales...but that's not to say I don't have any! I've applied myself, put school as a high priority, and it has reflected well in my grades. I have also learned quite a lot along the way. I would definately say it has helped me grow as a professional nurse. I plan to settle in one place when I'm done with my BSN and take a staff position while working on my masters.
    Good luck to you with your decision. There are many schools out there that offer RB-BSN online, and several travel companies that offer tuition reimbursement after completing a certain number of assignments.
  7. by   NPAlby
    I'm traveling and pursuing my Masters in a "regular" brick n mortar university. I had no classes to take this semester and went to a different state on an assignment.. Last semester though I was going to school Mon-Wed and working 3 12hr shifts on the weekend. It was hectic but fit perfectly. I think on-line would be a lot easier. Driving an hour to school Monday mornings after 3 12's was a lttle hairy but not that bad after a while. Without having to physically attend classes I think it should be more than doable. Plus you learn a lot take different types of jobs. My last travel gig was in psych ed, which I had never done before but was a great learning experience as I am in school for my NP. Good Luck!
  8. by   NPAlby
    JUst wanted to add that you if you plan ahead and work certain things into your contract it's even more flexible than being staff. Like if you know that finals week is going to be tough I would just tell the faciltiy and company that I'm not available that week. So I would have that put into my contract and just have the time extended. Anyway let us know how it works out!
  9. by   OkieICU_RN
    I'm enrolled in a university in my home state, but it's totally online. I'm in my first semester and there will be a couple of times I have to meet with other students in my group and once on campus but that's it.

    I'm on an assigment now and my contract is about to end. Will be going to another state after this and then hopefully somewhere with a beach for the summer! I will be able to take an online class during the summer.

    I love it because I can log on at work if we are super slow and look at the power point slides or review a worksheet, etc. I can also log on at 3 am if I can't sleep one night and post my responses to questions, etc.

    It's been totally doable for me, but one does have to stay organized.