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Based on true Travel Nursing experiences by Cynthia Hubbard, R.N. It was Wednesday when the call came in: "Can you be here by Tuesday?" Moira, the Director of a well- established Home Health and... Read More

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    Quote from TitaniumPlates
    HaveNurse, honestly...this first part is what is basically an expectation of fast response travel nurses. The first responsibility is on YOU to make sure you can take a job 7 states away in the dead of winter with a crap car, not the travel agency. They asked, and you said okie dokie.

    I empathize with your winter driving. Grew up not far from northern Ohio. So I have very little patience for anyone who uses that as an excuse, particularly someone who LIVES THERE. If you were from Florida or California and had never experienced that kind of driving before, I would say...lesson learned, I am glad you're okay. But you are from WISCONSIN. You knew better than to try speeding to a job that far away in that kind of weather.

    If the remainder is like this, I really am wondering what Ned said..."what is your point?" What is the "dark side" of traveling?

    This IS traveling. It's flying by the seat of your pants and being organized and with enough common sense to be able to add, read a weather report and know your limits. If you don't have these, travel nursing is NOT FOR YOU.

    Cancelled when you drove 3000 miles? Gonna sit and cry? Uh...then travel is not for you. It's in the contract. Facilities can cancel at any time. Get your feet under you and compensate.

    I can name a thousand things that have happened to me over the years traveling, not all of them even in the realm of reality...but you sign up for a large amount of UNCERTAINTY. That IS the job. Anybody who tells you otherwise, is lying. Period.

    This isn't dark so far. I'm not sure why you'd find it acceptable to drive that vehicle to a regular job 25 miles away, let alone 2500 miles in the northern tier winter.

    Kinda flies in the face of the commentary on the thread about the kid who got fired for calling off a day before a snowstorm because she had a crap car.

    I know I am being harsh. But read the thread about this kid and how this forum came down on her for even complaining about her situation.

    What I think you should be hearing from this same group is....

    Adulting is HARD! Suck it up!
    YOU made this commitment, you stick to it even if you DIED TRYING!
    What is wrong with you that you have a crap car??? Don't you have common sense???

    I think travel is not for you, because if this is how you approached it and are now saying it's the "travel job" and not your lack of prep and common sense coming into really need to stay at a local perm job where breaking down between point A and B is nothing more than a mile walk home.

    Wow. So where did all this rage come from, and, who are you mad at? Nobody got cancelled and who said anything about winter driving?? Not sure who you are talking to, but it isn't me. And who said anything about the car breaking down?

    Happy landing!
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    Quote from JackDawson23
    Your story just makes me shake my head. From the old, broke down car, to not knowing how to use the internet, to driving to ask your preacher (of all people) to use his fax...I don't know if this is some weird attempt at travel nurse satire, or just a straight up lie. The whole thing with faxing this and faxing that is nauseating...can you not just email all your forms to your agent and call it a day? I have been traveling for a year now and NEVER had to fax anything...EVER! It's usually upload, email, text, go take a drug test, then head out for my next gig. Simple!

    I really hope your story doesn't turn people off to the traveling world. Because it is nowhere even close to how you described it.

    If you are a Traveler and doing well, that's wonderful! Not all of us are so lucky and a lot depends on who you work for.

    You speak as though nothing can ever go awry with those who demand things to be sent immediately. It is fortunate that you have never had to fax anything ever. Good for you.

    Some of us though, have had to reside in areas where there was poor internet, Security concerns so sending by phone wasn't an option, nor was using a café. Fax was the only option. And things can happen as you now know. And you really are taking the wrong tone here.

    You focusing on the wrong thing here anyway. This first chapter is merely an intro to what happened later. I am sorry that you don't seem to possess the patience to read it with the spirit of which it was intended. Entertainment and a personal experience.

    Your words are mean-spirited and angry sounding. Please don't deny others their own personal experience.

    If you can calm yourself enough to stick with the story for all chapters, perhaps you will understand.

    And I would think very hard before accusing someone of lying. There are times in life when incredible things can happen. I don't know how old you are, but I have lived a long life and have seen and experienced much- more than I cared to really, as I also served my country-twice, sometimes seen things I wish I hadn't.

    But I also try to see the crazy humor in life and when it makes me laugh, I want to share it. And News Flash: It's o.k. for me to do that.

    It is my hope that you can see that.

    Thank you. Oh. And the car, wasn't broken down. I don't know where you got that from. If you really read the story it was missing some non essentials, but it ran just fine!
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    Quote from JadedCPN
    That was one of my initial thoughts too, was that either this was from the 80s, or that it was made up because it seems unnecessarily dramatic.
    This has nothing to do with AFFORDING to send a fax. As a tenant in my building it is one of the privileges and I utilized it.

    And as far as the mentioned "high pay", I hadn't yet started so I hadn't yet been paid. You really do need to follow the sequence of events before assuming too much. Just enjoy.

    It was dramatic, and fun in the first chapters. Thank you for noticing.
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    Travel agencies are only interested in quick profit and they have no interest in you as a professional and they have no interest in helping you develop your career as part of the organization.

    Some travel agencies have engaged in Medicare and Medicaid fraud. There have been convictions and hefty fines.

    Travel agencies pay higher hourly wage than staff positions. This can be useful at various points in your life, but I think in the long run you lose, you miss out an growth opportunities. There are perks and benefits of working full time for a reputable company that offer you as much, if not more, value than the hourly rate.

    Generally speaking, the best companies to work (in any industry) are great because they create a climate that helps you develop to your fullest potential, something agencies couldn't care less about.

    That's why everybody wants to work for a Fortune 100 company or Fortune 500 company. Nobody wants to work for Johnie Doe's Travel Agency.

    But if you have the choice between running out of money or taking a travel assignment, then you should grab the contract because it will give you time to think and plan and organize your next career move.
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    Quote from NedRN
    9 chapters? Where? But perhaps a one line summary of the point you are trying to make here. This sounds more like a complaint to a friend than something of benefit to a travel nurse community about internet issues.
    I'm not sure why you interpret it as a "complaint," as it is not. It's only the beginning of a story that had 8 more chapters. If you will note, the first Chapter is Part 1. Thanks for reading!
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    Quote from NedRN
    I'm a bit wordy myself, but I don't think I can dig through 9 parts, or chapters to get to a punch line that doesn't look promising per the title. But it is original, I've certainly not read about emergency oil changes on this forum before.
    LOL! The "punchline" as you call it, lies in the last chapter. You have to read this journey to understand why.
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    Nope, not reading further. But thank you for coming back 8 weeks later to encourage me.