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  1. My recruiter recently called my about a position at Mercy Hospital in Springfield, Mass. I was curious if there was anyone out there who has worked at this facility or has some feedback on it. Thanks !
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  3. by   Silverdragon102
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  4. by   NedRN
    I've done assignments three different times at Baystate in Springfield and never heard of Mercy! I just googled it, and by George, it is there. No doubt Baystate is much, much larger.
  5. by   NRSNFL
    I'd love to hear about any mass locations since I'm travelling up there (or intend to) this summer (with the hopes of staying forever).
  6. by   NedRN
    I love Massachusetts. But depending on where you are from, you may find the natives a little, well, unfriendly. It is a question of perception of course, I don't take them that way. But I find the denizens of NYC friendly too.
  7. by   NRSNFL
    Ha ha, I'm originally from there, which is why I want to return. I just wasn't a nurse when growing up there. But you are right, we can be a tough crowd. lol
  8. by   dance4life
    I find the smaller hospitals have much nicer staff then the bigger ones; no matter where you are on the East Coast.