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  1. I am looking into doing travel nursing, but having a hard time choosing which company to work with. Two have already disappointed and discouraged me. Any input would be great about companies or experienced travelers if they like it and if its worth it to pursue. Thanks
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  3. by   purple_rose_3
    You might try looking in the Travel Nursing Forum on this website. There is a wealth of information about what your looking for in there.
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    There is a section that rates different travel companies. Good luck.
  5. by   traumaqueen74
    I am just wondering why you were discouraged speaking with the 2 companies you did? Would you mind sharing?
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    The first company I called my recruiter didnt have a clue as to what she was talking about, and i told her i was not ready to start traveling until January and she called me every 3 days to see if i was ready to start traveling. That got really annoying especially when i just wanted information about their company.

    The second company i chose was based on recommedation and started talking with a recruiter i really liked. Then like a week later i had a new recruiter which i thought was a little off but ok. Again I am talking to him about traveling in January and he asks if he can call for references at my place of employment now. I said NO absolutly not this soon cause a lot of things can change in 6 months. Well he started calling anyways, but he called day shift nurses, when i work nights, i never gave him my references i wanted him to use. He called whoever. After he got one reference he called again the next day and 4 times the following day before i found out about this. So i called him to ask him about it and he pretended he didnt know what was going on. Then a few days later I have a new recruiter again. I dont like being passed on without at least a little warning, but that made me wonder if that is the way its going to be once i sign up to travel...I hope not....My friend who is going to travel with me got passed around too without all this stuff happening to her. As you can see i am a little discouraged about traveling! Any feedback as to good stories about traveling, or the process getting started would be great! Thanks!