Travel Nurse Housing Guide: The only one you'll ever need

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  2. Travel nurse housing is a tough subject. It's probably the most common issue experienced by new and even veteran travel nurses.

    My wife and I have lived in all types of housing including:

    • With family
    • Hotels
    • Corporate housing
    • Furnished apartments
    • Vacation townhouse

    I can tell you it's challenging at first but it definitely gets better with experience.

    Surprisingly, I've notice there aren't a lot of resources out there for new travel nurses to learn about housing.

    That's why I created the, "Travel Nurse Housing: The Definitive Guide."

    It's meant to be the most comprehensive guide available about travel nurse housing. It includes an epic 17 chapters and growing. The guide includes:

    • Housing Basics
    • How to choose agency Vs. finding your own housing
    • What's it like to work with an agency's housing department
    • How to negotiate your agency housing
    • Importance of family and pets
    • Benefits & Challenges of using agency housing
    • How to understand housing stipends
    • How to negotiate housing stipends
    • Finding your own housing
    • Your housing options if you find your own
    • What to do when you arrive to your housing
    • How to handle housing problems
    • Housing Facebook groups you should join
    • How to research housing
    • How to create a travel nurse housing ad
    • How to avoid housing scams & protect yourself
    • Housing websites to look into

    I know people are busy and it's a big article but I hope it helps you during the housing process.

    Housing is tough but I believe it's worth it to find your own housing and do this awesome travel nurse life!


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  4. by   LondonFog
    Thank you for doing this Andrew. I've only briefly looked at it now, but saved it in my favorites for later! Such an immense amount of helpful information - much appreciated.
  5. by   Apple-Core
    This is an awesome resource - thank you so much! Travel nursing is on my potential radar. By the time I graduate, my kids will have left home and it will just be hubby and I. I've suggested he take some time out and we travel....!
  6. by   I<3Endo
    Cool! Thanks.
  7. by   Montanahope
    This is amazing. Thank you.
    I am actually just starting nursing school way across the country, in MT, from my adorable cottage in the woods in Virginia. I will never sell my place, and I want to rent to specifically travel nurses as it will remain furnished and awesome with all its coolness remaining intact.
    Do you have advice for me regarding how to let travel nurses coming to my area know about my house?
  8. by   NedRN
    Craigslist, AirBnB, VRBO.
  9. by   Cstrau03
    Hi, where in virginia I want to do travel nursing there.
  10. by   Alongrn
    Most nurse seem to use Home - Travel Nurse Housing or Furnished Finder.
  11. by   NedRN