too soon for travel nursing?

  1. Hi everyone...Ive been an lpn for a yr and a half on a labor n delivery floor and im graduating from an RN program in may...I was wonderin if anyone knows any agencies that would take me as a travel nurse based on my experience as an LPN (i do the same things the RN's on my floor do except for labor nursing)...also do you think its too soon for me to do travel nursing? Should i work as an RN for a while before i travel?? Thanks!!
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  3. by   suzanne4
    Sorry, but your LPN experience is not credited as work experience as an RN for the travel industry. Too completely separate entitites and job requirements.

    You will need at least one year of experience, but without having actual Labor experience, you are going to find problems with finding work strictly on post-partum. Most facilities want a nurse that can cover the nursery, labor and delivery, as well as post-partum. And many are now requiring at least five years of L and D experience for a travel position in that area.
  4. by   hollykate
    I agree with Suzanne. I also want to say, don;t sell yourself short. Get some good experience before traveling and this experience will help you to be successful. They really expect you to start out and function from day one, and without solid experience behind you, there are questions you will not know to ask. I waited for 5 years, and I'm really glad I did. My first assignment went great, but another traveler started a week after me, she had little experience and failed, which was really disappointing to her and the hospital and the agency...