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I have been in a RN in a nursing home for 10 yrs now. Now that my youngest daughter is getting close to being out of school would like to do traveling. I have no idea what is out there positon... Read More

  1. by   mek50
    I am interested in finding out more about what the travelling industry offers a licensed nurse. I have spoken to many recruiters who all claim they are there to help you, but as soon as they hang up the phone they totally fonrget who you are. Any efforts to help you re-locate go unanswered. It is frustrating. There should be a book written about all sorts of travelling information, companies, etc.
    If such a book exists and anyone knows of it, please advise me. I'd be interested in purchasing it. Nursing 2003, as does all the nursing mags, have pages of advertising for travel companies. I suppose one could always call the recruiter from each place and obtain information that way. Also if you notice no one advertises positions for LTC/Geriatrics; it seems to all be Med Surg, OR, ER, Cardiac, Pedatrics and the list goes on. I believe Geriatrics is just as big an area of nursing as these others. Anyone agree? If anyone is looking to travel in LTC/Geriatrics, maybe we can have a discussion about this.
  2. by   Brownms46
    There are MANY LTC assignments out there, and growing all the time! I see posts from agencies on a daily basis for LTC in all states, including HAWAII! If you wish to I can send you a PM as to what agenices have current LTC assignments, and would take you in second. With the experience you have in LTC, you should have no problem doing an excellent job!
  3. by   mek50
    Hi...thanks for your reply. I would be very interested in any travelling info you might have regarding LTC/Geriatrics assisgnments. I am looking towards travelling next spring. I'll look forward to hearing from you.
  4. by   renerian
    I just saw some on delphi forums for long term care travelers. Check it out.

    search for traveling nurses.

  5. by   webbiedebbie
    There is a magazine called Healthcare Traveler and it is free. Go to and you should be able to find more information there.
  6. by   mek50
    Thank you for the website to I went into the site and printed out all of the travel companies and subscribed to the magazine. I should be able to pick up some valuable information before I make the decision to travel.
  7. by   mek50
    Thank you for the delphi forum website. I went to the site but could not find where you find job listings. Can you help me? Also it looks as if you have to pay monthly to get involved in their discussion forums. Is this worth it. I realize it doesn't cost much, but I'm wondering if I should start one on travelling nursing.
  8. by   richie777
    plan on taking an assignment for strike nursing. Can anyone give some advice.
  9. by   renerian
    Oh okay. If you put in traveling will bring up a whole bunch of clubs. If you go to the traveling nurse one there is a section that says recruiters talk to travelers and travelers talk to recruiters. If you cannot find it still post here and I will get the address to the exact page.....

  10. by   Wa State RN
    richie777---about your plans to take assignment for strike nursing my personal opinion is to NOT!!!! Sure, you will make tons of money (if that is your main objective) but think about WHY these nurses are on strike. They have a point to prove to management. Also, while you are making all that money, think about what those nurses are NOT MAKING and on the picket line day in and day out. If we all stick together as nurses then we will eventually all help each other, but if there are money hungry people out there just trying to make a buck, then, those are the ones that are not in unity with the rest of us!! Recently went through a strike and it was not fun to watch-----so REALLY think about strike assignments, they are not fun, and it starts right when you get off the strike bus heading in the front door of the hospital, past all the other nurses busting their butts striking for what they believe in. Can you tell I have a STRONG opinion on this subject????????
  11. by   renerian
    I have a mixed thought on strike nursing. One is no as I have never crossed a picket line the other is it could be right for some people who think that if someone watches out for the patients while a group is demonstrating/striking that they can do that without the guilt of leaving the patients behind.

    May not be a popular view but it is what it is.