Stuck in MED/SURG?!!!

  1. I work with quite a few travel nurses from many different companies and they all seem very happy with their lifestyles. I am interested in a unique situation though. I have 15 years experience in med/surg and am desperate to get out. I have contacted a few companies and in exchange for training offered long term contracts but they acted as if I were speaking another language. I don't want to quit my present job to train in a specialty for a year with a significant pay cut. In other words, since I don't have experience in anything other than med/surg, I'm stuck. What I'd like is a company that will hire me, send me to a hospital, that hopital will train me in a specialty ( OR, ICU L&D, anything) and in exchange I will sign a contract for however long they feel their investment has been met. Any advice? Are there any companies out there that offer this?
    Thanks, Cath
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  3. by   Travellin Guy
    I have travelled for many years and have not come across any hospital that is wiling to train a traveller for specialty position. I worked at a hospital in Delaware that was willing to train a traveller in ACLS and Telemetry. This was a medSurg Step down unit. This was after a successful first contract and of course the willingness to sign on again. Of course they were also short handed. If you have been in Med/Surg at the same facility for 15 years try a travelling med/Surg position once. Sometimes a change is environment is just as good.
    What about the facility you are at now? Can you deal with them for training. Surely you would not have to take a pay cut in the same facility.
    Other than that remember you are a marketable item. You have 15 years experience and everyone is short nurses aspecially experienced ones. Contact other facilities, talk to Human Resources and tell them what you want. If they don't like it the worst they will say is no. I think you will find success.
  4. by   Geeg
    Look into Cross Country Travcorps, I think they have some training program.
  5. by   renerian
    Cross country does some internships for nurses with other specialty experiences. Have you floated to other units? You could mention that on your resume. I used to float to burn alot so I put that on my resume. I always offered to float first there.

  6. by   welnet66
    Thanks guys for your input. The issue I have with traveliing and taking a position in med/surg (besides the fact that I'm tired of it) is the "devil you don't know" syndrome. I have worked in many facilities and am all too familiar with horrific nurseatient ratios. Ratios where I work now are actually very good and I'm not willing to take on 8, 10 & 15 patients again. As far as a pay cut, I work weekend nights and no matter where I go there will be a pay cut. Yes, I have applied for two positions where I work now (OR & PACU)and despite my experience and outstanding evals, I was not hired because I had no experience in that specialty...shocking ay?! I'm gonna keep looking! Thanks again!
  7. by   webbiedebbie
    InteliStaf also has a residency program that will train you in areas that you are interested in.
  8. by   welnet66
    I got a flyer from them in the mail the other day....maybe it's destined!!! I'll check out their web site too. Thanks Debbie.
  9. by   FranRN
    I think that I saw some INFO about cross training of sorts on cross country trav corps website. I t-ravel with them. They are -base dout of Florida. The number is 1-800-347-2264.