Strategic Healthcare Staffing?

  1. Just wondering if anyone has heard of this company? Good things? Bad things?
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  3. by   Kittyfeet
    I want to bump this back up there... I just responded to an offer from this company I found online too. I can't really find any reviews. Anyone have any experience with Strategic Healthcare or know of any good agencies on the Central Coast in CA?
  4. by   LauraOckwig
    Never heard of them...let me know your thoughts.
  5. by   hkLD5150
    I haven't heard of them! I'm from Monterey, CA. I have been talking to "on assignment", "tru staff" and "flexcare".......I haven't decided what company to go with!! I'm new to this, and I want to make sure I get the most out of my assignment!!
  6. by   TrickseyBeth216
    I've been working with them for over a year now - my recruiter always answers her phone, even late at night. They always forward me money for housing when I need it up front to put a deposit down on a hotel or in an apartment, and have helped me out by getting me sign on/completion bonuses. If I ever need someone's help the President of the company takes phone calls all hours of the night too. Payroll is always on time as long as I send in my time sheet. They gave me $1000 for getting my friend to travel with me. I don't have any issues with this company what-so-ever. They are based in New York (Long Island, I think) and staff all over the place.
  7. by   79Tango
    Is your recruiter also the president?
  8. by   TrickseyBeth216
    No my recruiter is a female. The President is a male. Do you travel?
  9. by   79Tango
    "No my recruiter is a female. The President is a male"

    Which one are you?
  10. by   TrickseyBeth216
    Haha just a nurse trying to share some thoughts. They asked for an opinion and I gave it.
  11. by   79Tango
    My thought is people should RUN from this company...

    Sorry, but it just seems odd that for your first post you chose to revive an old thread and start repping a company that nobody has heard of. Nevermind the fact that your post is full of contradictions & travel nurse cliches from 2007!
  12. by   TrickseyBeth216
    I'm not too sure what you're taking about. I googled the company found this thread and wrote what I thought. I don't know what your talking about with revising a thread I just responded to the first post. But your opinions are your own. is there a better agency you'd suggest? My second assignment was with strategic my first was with AMN.
  13. by   Love1another
    I have had a bad experience with Strategic. I felt the recruiter was misleading and trying to low ball me a job offer. Their website claims to reimburse for travel, license and give free housing or a generous offer. None of that was offered to me and when I asked about housing, the recruiter told me it would lower my weekly pay. I had to ask TWICE to be reimbursed for travel expenses, since the place i would be going to was over 1000 miles away. I have about 5 other things that happened with them. I will NEVER use them. Needless to say, you shouldnt have to keep asking or beg just to get a fair offer. There are too many other companies that are honest and want the best for their nurses.

    I am working with two other companies with great recruiters.
  14. by   TrickseyBeth216
    I think the recruiter is everything. I had to switch recruiters because I didn't think the first one knew what she was talking about but my second and current recruiter is awesome. I took a break from travel after my last post but just started lookin around again & am talking to my recruiter at Strategic and two other companies - but I'm probably going to go with Strategic again. Emerald seems pretty legit too but is taking too long for interviews. Who was your recruiter if you don't mind me asking?