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i HAD A HORRIBLE EXPerieNCE WITH Travel nursing. I had 1.5 years in ICU experience and the travel company assured me that was just great-well it wasnt. my assignment was in el paso texas. the... Read More

    Oh no You get charged for dying on the job.... IF you havent completed your contracted time... and You die, You broke the contract.... what moneys that are due to you, well they get eaten by the company for expenses they paid out, depending on the amount of time you had on the contract and time with the company. Sad but true I actually Know a Nurse that had a MI and passed and the Company held the last check until they got their money. I kid you not . You have to know your company and You have to get things in writing , and You have to watch your back.
    The traveler that passed also worked with his wife traveling (they were a traveling pair). She sued the living crap out of the company and now she doesnt work any more. I say congrats to her. He was a wonderful Nurse and I miss him alot .She sued because the company held both checks, not just his but hers as well because they were not sure what she was going to do. She completed her contract .
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  2. by   NancyRN
    That's just disgusting, Zoe! Another example of nurses being chewed up and spit out.

    I'm glad she sued; can you imagine having to finish your contract under those circumstances?
  3. by   Brownms46
    There have been two assignments, that I left before they were completed. One the company agreed with my leaving, and didn't charge me a dime! They continued to pay for the apartment until they found another assignment. The next the agency canceled the contract for cause with the hospital, and I was paid for 5 weeks, the same as I would have if I had worked!

    Not all companies treat their travelers badly, and not all companies charge you for leaving a contract. You must however have kept them informed about any problems. It does depends also on your recruiter, more than it does the company you work for.