Stanford Strike question

  1. This will be my first strike to work and I have a concern. I was told tonight by the recruiter they were going to put me in an OB/GYN/Med-surg clinic. First question, has anyone ever done a strike at Stanford and if so were you or do you know someone that worked in this clinic. Since I don't have any experience with med-surg (only l/d, nsy, pp) I told my recruiter no thanks. 2nd question. The only reason I was interested was the potential to make some good money working 16 hr shifts as needed. If I am put in the clinic, I wouldn't think they stay open 16 hours.

    Anyone know about these clinics? The recruiter is like "oh you won't have to work med-surg" and 'the work is easier and it is dayshift". I don't mind hard work since that is what I am used to. Hey, I not that stupid after being a RN for 26 years. I have a strong feeling I will get the shaft if I accept this assignment!

    Suggestions or comments?
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  3. by   NurseguyFL
    This recruiter is misleading you. There is nothing at all that's easy about med-surg nursing. She's just trying to get the position filled so she can get her commission
  4. by   Critterpuss
    I think you know in your gut this would be a bad situation for you. Remember it is YOU who ultimatly accepts the assignment and the responsibility.
  5. by   Hellllllo Nurse
    How does a recruiter know "the work is easy"? Has this recruiter worked this floor, or any floor, ever? Secondly, have you ever had an "easy" job as a nurse? I haven't.
    Thirdly, if the work is so "easy" why are the nurses going on strike?
  6. by   Needa Nurse
    As a Stanford RN, we did not strike- not even close. There was a strike before I worked there, about 10 years ago. As for the ED, Stanford and Lucile Packard are separate hospitals despite being in the same building. the adult ED and ped ED are separate entities. As for the clinic, I can't say.
  7. by   Michellex1013
    Go with your gut...My recruiter for my first assignment did the same thing-- "oh it will be a great first assignment" "congratulations you have a job and don't have to interview"...I know these are red flags now.....haha...lets just say I had a horrible first assignment.
  8. by   Needa Nurse
    i am a staff nurse at stanford. but as, i said previously, we did not strike, and have stable contract ratified by over 1700 rns in place until 2010. but this moot point since the original poster did so last march. stanford is in the top 15 hospitals in the nation and has a reputation for nursing excellence. we are a magnet facility. all the nurse recruiters worked both med/surg and icu- they know and understand the territory.
  9. by   NRSKarenRN
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