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  1. I am thinking about becoming a travel nurse. I just had some questions that I haven't seen anyone ask...
    What do you do as far as for your social life? Do travel agencies help to introduce you to other travel nurses? I know it usually takes a little bit of time before you form friendships outside of work with the people you work with. I'm worried that I would get to lonely as a travel nurse. It would be a great help if experienced or new travel nurses would share their experiences.
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  3. by   Diary/Dairy
    I am really interested in this topic as well as I am very shy and about to start my first assignment in NC next month. Any advice would be welcome for me as well.
  4. by   winnievanurse
    i just completed my first assignment and i can totally relate to your fears. i actually found it easy to make friends w/ staff, and if your going to a facility where there are alot of travelers you meet people of all ages and interests that are in the same boat. put yourself out there. i met a couple girls on this assignment who are now very good friends..we actually plan on traveling together soon....but if your havin a hard time go to and register. on there you can post threads like these for other nurses in your area and see who responds, usually these people are traveling alone and want to go explore! it will take time to adjust, and in the beginning can seem a lil lonely but give it time. you'll be mingling in no time!! good luck!
  5. by   Diary/Dairy
    Thanks for the info- Delphi forums alone has TONS of information and I really like that! Thanks again.