Should I go to a school with LOW pass rates??

  1. Hello everyone,countless articles I have read tell nursing students to find out a schools NCLEX pass rate. I was looking into applying to North Carolina A&T State University (BSN). When I went to The NC board of nursing website, and saw that the school had the lowest in the state. I had planned to go into the ROTC program, and with this school it means I will be reserved a place in the upper nursing program, which I believe is a benefit because I will have one less thing to worry about.

    What is your opinion on going to this school from the stats... is it worth it to go to a school that has a 77% pass rate? Thanks for all your help.

    (I don't want to offend anyone who is in that program...I just don't want to make a mistake)
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  3. by   llg
    If the school is a good fit for you, I say, "go to it." Just be sure that you work hard and prepare yourself for NCLEX. (Take a review course, etc.) Remember a 77% pass rate means that 77 out of 100 of their students pass the exam on the first try. The national average is around 84% -- higher, but that represents only 7 more people out of 100.

    You're just going to have to work to get yourself into that 77% who pass, not the 23% who don't.

    Good luck,
  4. by   vlevy
    I am the new director of development for NC A&T School of Nursing (with that said, I may be a litte biased) ;-) I have only been here a short time but we are working on quite a few programs here. I agree with the other posting, you need to find the best fit for you and make sure that you are one of the ones that pass on the first time. I am also a graduate of A&T (Public Relations) and a PROUD AGGIE.

    Good luck in your search and if I can be of any assistance, please do not hesitate to email me at

  5. by   renerian
    If it works for you I would not reconsider based on their pass rate.

  6. by   BarbPick
    When I was a student, when dinosaurs roamed the earth, the Nursing Boards were given twice a year. Every state, same date. You failed, you had to wait 6 months and were busted to the role of a nurses Aid.
    TIMES HAVE CHANGED. You can take the board again quickly. With that said, Nursing is what You make it. There are board reviews like Kaplan. Go to the school of your choice and raise the stats at YOUR SCHOOL