Seriously considering travel nursing, need tips

  1. Hey everyone. I need some advice regarding travel nursing from nurses that have or are traveled. I've been an ER nurse for 5 years and would like to travel.

    Is there anything you wish you had known prior to traveling? What are some things that are important for you to have in your contract prior to accepting it?

    What are your opinions on companies, specifically, what companies are the best regarding monetary compensation, placement, advocacy, and flexibility?

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    Let me put a different perspective on your company question. What you are looking for is good business, right? For that, you need a good business relationship. The fundamentals to have in place for that are good communication, and trust. That is what you are looking for in a recruiter. You will have to interview dozens of recruiters to find a few keepers who fit that criteria. The agency brand is almost completely irrelevant. A good recruiter for you at a "bad" agency is far better than the reverse.
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