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Haven't traveled for almost 7 years. Am contemplating a return. Don't want to do the extensive move every thirteen weeks thing I did in 1990's and am thinking I want to purchase a "Toy Hauler" to... Read More

  1. by   stuckinthecedar
    Think long and hard before you buy a toyhauler. I think those are great for weekenders. However; that garage portion of the trailer becomes your sleeping/living area once you arive at your destination. Most parks are not going to allow you to park/store your toys during your 13wk assignment. Also, it takes very little spilled gasoline to totally permeate the interior of your nice RV. My wife and I travel a lot. We like our 5th wheel, but it does limit what you can haul in the bed of the truck. Still, for most of us the 5th wheel is the best option. We found out the hard way; buy the best quality model you can afford up front.
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    I love this posting.

    Did your husband use workcamper.com to find the job in the RV park where you are staying or just get hired after you arrived? My husband is retiring next year and we are working toward traveling next year. I have been on the workcamper.com site to look at some opportunities that might keep him busy. I am going to start with some per diem close to home, then start traveling next year.

    We just traded up to a 36' Excel 5th wheel this year and just love it. I think it will be great having all your own stuff when you travel and not have to pack everytime you pick up your roots.

    I really want to thank everyone for keeping this post going. It is helping me a lot. I have looked at all the toy haulers that I can find in Kansas, Missouri and Iowa. Haven't found one that I think I can live in for an extended period yet. My problem is I want to take too many things. Picked up an RV trader this weekend and will be on-line most of the night looking up the ones I find in there. I agree with the comment on having a gas spill, and was concerned about parking the pulling truck, my car and my motorcycle all in the same spot as my RV in the campground. Next weekend I hope to spend some time talking to the managers of a few RV parks in South Florida. I hope they don't laugh at me when I ask about bringing my toys with me.
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    Thanks for the quick responses. Scarpbooker06, you will have to let me know how it works out for you . What type did you choose? I worked with a couple in South Florida who had a travel trailer and a CRNA in Kansas who had a Class A motorhome. I've read about the cost of parking spots in Florida and may rethink trying to do the RV site there until I find out for certain what I will have to pay for a spot and if I have to pay for the whole year just to have a reasonable monthly charge. If anyone else has information I will appreciate it.
    I have recently been redirected in life's arrangement. I am a nursing student, and when married my friends and I would joke about "if my wife left me....". Well it happened and I bought a travel trailer. Very nice, comfortable, and cozy. I would recommend a slide b/c it gives you a greater sense of room. Not confining. Gotta get one pretty big, mine is 31 ft. long. I love it, and my house was 1300 sq ft. As far as the lots they are flexible, and most will go month to month. You can arrange for certain amounts of time. Even only days or weeks. It is pretty affordable even with the payment for the trailer. I have a truck to pull it, and use it to go to work. If weather is good I have a scooter to save $. KOA campsites are pretty common, and once you visit a few sites they will lead you to more and more. There are websites that list areas nationally as well. Be carefull some are for the wealthly and charge a pretty penny. Down-town Austin has one that is for them and it is nearly $500 a month just for the space, before the water, cable, and elec. This has been a great option and it is portable. When I finish I plan on being a traveling nurse, and this will be prefect.
    Finally made it out of town to visit Harper Camperland, anyone heard of it? They had one of the Super Class C motorhomes there. I have sort of given up on the "Toy Hauler" , and had thought that the Super C would be the way for me to go. After looking at it I'm not sure. They had two on the lot. One a "buy back" and the other new. Both had the same floorplan and were nice enough, until I stepped into the used diesel pushers (DP) that were parked right next to it. There just seems to be so much more room in the DP. They only had one used Class A Gas, and it wasn't in very good shape and they had one New Class A Gas, that wasn't too bad. How do you decide on which one to buy. There are so many pros and cons with each of them and I am having trouble weighing them out. I have checked with a couple RV sites but it's hard to sort through all the information. I guess I will have to keep on looking. Thanks for allowing me to vent.
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    I do not know anything about RV's but I can speak of shopping. Whenever I make a purchase greater then (usually) $500, I force myself to mull it over. I try it on so to speak in my mind. Your purchase is unusually large and important and it sounds like you are already making that mental "list" of pros and cons.

    Most often, IMHO, the purchase of a home is ultimately emotional and gives us joy, pride, and peace. I hope by laying it out here, you get the reinforcement you need to feel good about your purchase.

    Good luck to you. I am envious, We have three teens to go in educating, before we can make a beeline for the highway.... I do live vicariously through many of the posts here on AllNurses

    Happy Travels to you.
    Last weekend I may have found the RV for me. It's a 2001 Rexhall Aerbus. 39 foot with a 330 Cummins Diesel and 6 speed Allision automatic. There is a front and rear slide and a unique floor plan. Any trevelers know anything about this type of unit? Thanks in advance for any replies. Hope to see you on the road soon.
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    I origionally posted on the first page. I am the traveling RN living in my 40 foot Safari Panther double slide diesel pusher. Sorry I haven't checked into this web site again sooner....a lot of good postings here. I am currenlty half way though my Florida assignment....and as always I am getting eager to hit the road again. My husband jokes with me....says I should make my assignments 8 weeks instead of 13. We just love getting on the road and seeing new places. I had a blast traveling from the West coast to the East coast last June. I took six weeks off to make the trip...it was so much fun....saw a lot of great places along the way. After this assignment completes (early October) I am planning on taking a few weeks of to travel up and down the Eastern coast line. Have to stop off at Cape Cod...and get up to Portland, Maine on this venture. I actually just got my Mass. RN license...so I might make a travel assignment stop there if anything looks interesting. Otherwise...who knows. My husband and I are always talking about all the different places to go....there are so many options. I've had fun here in Florida....I must have landed in the golf cart capital of the U.S. They have seperate roads for them....it's hilarious....lots of unique golf carts out there....interesting area (central Florida...huge retirement area called the Villages) but very warm in the summer and thankfully no hurricanes or tropical storms thus far. I plan to stop and say hi to Mickey Mouse before I leave as my husband and I love amusement parks. So we're going to check out Disney Worlds campground too.
    You were talking about different sites to look at RV's. There are lots of them. Some I really like are RVTraderOnline, RVSearch, RVHits, etc. Most importantly....I also always look up anything I'm thinking about buying on the Nada guides (don't enter any options) just search the basic price....if buying...try to buy at low retail or better. The most important thing about buying an RV or trailer is buy at the right price as they do depreciate. I've walked away from many RV's I was interested in buying because the price wasn't good enough. I'm glad that I have done so....as I have never been "stuck" in an RV that was worth less than my loan payoff....thus enabling me to "move up" with different purchases at later dates.
    I'd love to get together with other traveling RN's on the road. Perhaps we should start a annual RN RV ralley or something. Would be fun to see where others are traveling. It is also fun to caravan places with other RVers...have done that too. My husband and I were also thinking of Alaska for a summer....that trip will take some serious planning however and think we will wait a couple of years before that one....but I'm sure we will make the trip. We will definately caravan that one. Happy Travels!
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    Quote from scarpbooker06
    Hi, I just purchased a rv last week and I am planning on taking it to an assignment in Seattle. I like the idea of my own housing. I don't think I will come out ahead on cost though. Spots in an rv park aren't cheap. Hopefully it will work out. I have heard of others traveling with an rv and they like it.

    wondering if you traveled to Seattle yet. I just bought a Rv myself and am going to take my first assignment in Washington State. Looking Forward to it. I am an Er Nurse. Any feed back on good Hospitals to check out or stay away from.
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    wondering if you traveled to Seattle yet. I just bought a Rv myself and am going to take my first assignment in Washington State. Looking Forward to it. I am an Er Nurse. Any feed back on good Hospitals to check out or stay away from.
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    Quote from motomanRN
    wondering if you traveled to Seattle yet. I just bought a Rv myself and am going to take my first assignment in Washington State. Looking Forward to it. I am an Er Nurse. Any feed back on good Hospitals to check out or stay away from.
    Ever thought about traveling to Olympia, Washington? I just finished an assignment at their hospital out there. Though I don't work in the ER...I've heard their ER is very busy. The Providence St Peter hospital is a busier place than I'd ever expected. The area of Olympia and surrounding areas is very beautiful....and expanding....yet still has a nice little town....great seafood....and only an hour away from Seattle. I really enjoyed my stay there. I also stayed in a very nice campground called American Heritage (only open in the summer...probably too noisey in the summer....but they do have a few full hook-up sites in the off season for fully contained rigs). I stayed at American Heritage during the off season....and enjoyed it so much. I was in their RV park with only approximately 8 other RV/trailers. You are in the forest...with firepits at every site....very quiet and private. They are a family owned operation....very nice family. And they also have a sister RV park called Olympia Campground that is opened year round (in case you need to use their laundry or showers). The RV's are closer together at the Olympia Campground but I'd stay there in the summer time because American Heritage gets busy with family and tent campers at that time. But American Heritage is the place to stay if you are fully contained and in the off season. I think I paid around $400 a month and it included electric and everything. The hospital is only about 10 minutes away. There is never any traffic on that stretch of freeway...whereas Seattle has terrible traffic congestion.
    The Airbus got sold before I even had a chance to make an offer. Guess I should have made the offer pending financing before I left. Wasn't meant to be.

    Talked to my recruiter today and am quite concerned about the pay in South Florida. It's only a couple dollars more than what I am making out in Western Kansas. I am sure that I will be working much harder on the travel assignment. Is it worth it? The other problem that I didn't expect is they are still paying the same amount for travel that they did when gasoline was around $1.00 per gallon. What's up with that?

    So far I think I will be looking at Holy Cross in Ft. Lauderdale and JFK in Atlantis. Anyone worked in either the General OR or Cardiovascular OR's? I'd rather do the CVOR but can do General cases. I did a search for Holy Cross and saw some info on housing in the Ft. Lauderdale area. The dates were in 05 so I would think things are repaired from the storms of last year but if anyone knows different please let me know. I am thinking that I may have better luck getting the motorhome I want next spring in Florida than I will have here in Kansas. Thanks for any replies to my ramblings.
  13. by   moonrose2u
    Be prepared for the lack of strong aggressive medical care here in Florida. Besides the lower salaries, the care is sorely lacking. Unfortuantely, because of the influx of seniors to the area, those who really need the strong medical care, it has created a lackadaisical (did I spell that right?) view of medical care and support. Believe you me, when I first got here, I was in for a shock...a big one.

    COL, I believe is not all that different from the midwest. The only thing I have found in which there might be a break is that it is easier to buy a house in Florida, and you get more bang for your buck when doing so. But other than that, I have not noticed any COL difference.

    BTW, I am a house supervisor and PACU nurse, and the pace is tremendously low. When I first came to Florida, I took a 7.00/hr pay cut- but no choice. Husband was transferred.

    Good luck.