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Haven't traveled for almost 7 years. Am contemplating a return. Don't want to do the extensive move every thirteen weeks thing I did in 1990's and am thinking I want to purchase a "Toy Hauler" to... Read More

  1. by   glennmatthew
    I see that you have spent time in Ottumwa. I would enjoy hearing about your experience there. I've been visiting Ottumwa since I was a child visiting family. I'm currently a nursing student and I know I have a ways to go before I can even think about traveling. But I could see Ottumwa being a place I would put in my travels.

    I totally want to pursue what you are currently doing....living in an RV and traveling the country. Thanks for sharing!!

    I am not on a Travel Assignment in Ottumwa. I was an original ORMIC in the early 1980's and when I finished my ADN in 1989 I began travel nursing. Still have family in the area and spent this summer catching up working perdiem at ORHC. The nurse I am today is directly related to my time in Ottumwa, we had an excellent group of people who all worked together to become one of the early Hospital based Paramedic ambulance services. I was exposed to Emergency Nursing in addition to the prehospital care. I am currently working in the Operating Room, Emergency Department and a Physician's office. Preparing for my annual trip to South Florida. Life is good as a travel nurse.

  3. by   sissy56
    It been awhile since I've posted a note, I took a perm position in Fl and just couldn't take being part of the staff, I remembered why I loved travel nursing so much. I called my recruiter and accepted a position back in Gallup, NM. The staff there makes the winter worth while. When I'm in the desert I miss the ocean, when I'm at the ocean I miss the desert. Thank God my home has wheels.
    Where are you in Gallup? I worked at RMCH several years ago, and have a friend who's wife works at IHS. Would like to return some time for a summer I think. I am also glad that my home has wheels too.

    On another note. I am in the process of replacing my F350 with most likely a Heavy Duty Truck (HDT). I was looking at the MDT but they seem to be quite expensive and may not handle my 5th wheel much better than my current. Will be going to Hutchison, Kansas next weekend to look around at several in one place. There is a HDT RV rally at the Kansas State Fair Grounds. Thanks for continuing to post on this thread.

  5. by   gradRN2007
    I am getting closer to traveling at least by a couple of yearswe have found a rv/Marina park In jax, fl and will be moving travel trailer up there from plantation, fl. Now i can find out about taking leave down south and trying to get travel position in st. Augustine/jax area.
    I have done some hca agency work to experience different hospitals from
    memorial system. As a RN of 3 years I feel I still need a few more years experience and hopefully will have ppcn to put on resume soon. Love this post!
  6. by   sissy56
    I am going back to RMCH, I was there last winter. Right now we are having some RV problems (just does not want to start) but we are leaving next week. I've worked in Jax and St. Augustine but not as a traveler, haven't seen any postings for that area. I've noticed that the rates charged by the campgrounds in FL double in the winter. I've found the southwest to be more reasonable.
  7. by   gradRN2007
    Love south west, groves rv resort in ft myers is great

    Say hello to Jon ( was nursing supervisor last time I visited). I really liked my time in Gallup. The hospital expanded since my assignment there. Town seemed the same, maybe a little larger. South Florida is very expensive during the winter months. If I didn't have a daughter there I doubt that I would go back.
  9. by   roamingessential
    On traveling as a nurse living in RV:
    I'm a nearly 30 something, married, and we home-school our kids. Want to start "road-schooling" and I'm looking for positions either travel nursing or as a temp in various places at different times of the year....
    only 2 problems I'm running into: 1) Im an LPn and 2) I can't find a suitable motorhome in my area...I know, I know, that sounds rediculous but we need a Class C that sleeps 6 and is 'older'. Virtually impossible to find in the midwest right now....
    So my questions to you veteran RV travelers are:
    Know anyone wanting to sell a Class C? and Do you have any recommendations for facilities that would let me work seasonally during the year? We REALLY love the 4 corners region, want to see the Pacific coastline, and have family in Denver and Sebring.... so basically anything not north east or midwest!
  10. by   sissy56
    I don't know about traveling as an LPN, you can always go online and fill out applications for different travel companies, as to finding a class C that sleeps six, try RV.net you could also take a travel assignment and take the housing and look in different areas of the US for a used RV. The southern states FL, AZ, and CA might be the best places to look since the economy has hit there the hardest. Good luck.
    How long do you want to stay in one place? Living in a Class C for very long would be one hundred times longer feeling, especially if there are 4 children. My fifth wheel toyhauler is fine for my daughter and me so far. She is nearing the teens and may not appreciate the closeness as much in the future. I am trying to resolve that before it happens. Knew a family that lived in their 5th wheel all summer. They had a "Bunkhouse" for their 4 children ages 2 to 12. Don't think I could do that either, but they each had a bed.

    Keep looking at different RV's you may find one that will fit your needs.

    I have met LPN's working on travel assignments but not for a long time. Surgical techs, Physical Therapy and a few Rad Techs are the only non RN's that I have met. I have my winter assignment after working a Perdiem job for the summer. I start in January. Good luck in your search.
  12. by   EmergencyNrse
    Just bought my 1st Class A.

    I don't think I put as much research into it as I needed to. After tax, tag, title now what do I do with it?
    I'm told they can't be parked on the street. Here in San Diego they will give you 72 hrs in one spot. If you come back too soon they ticket you. I was hoping for more flexibility but it looks like I'm headed to a campground.

    Campgrounds... you can't stay in the same park for any longer than 3 weeks then you have to move on. I'm unsure as to how much time you have to spend away before returning. What a shell-game!

    This is going to be fun.
  13. by   roamingessential
    Thanks! I will keep all this in mind.... (we only travel with 2 kids during the school year I just need the extra two spaces for our girls if they are traveling with us for short trips) appreciate all the suggestions....