Rude recruiter but good contract

  1. Hey ya'll. I've been working with an AMN recruiter who got me a pretty decent contract with Kaiser LAMC. However, she has been incredibly rude, interrupts me constantly, and makes me feel dumb for asking certain questions. As a first time travel nurse I really don't want to feel bullied. Any advice on calling the company and asking for a different recruiter? I want to keep my contract but not the recruiter!
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  3. by   ChrisMMS
    Hello Janicemmedina,

    I'm not sure how it works with AMN, but with our agency is a nurse calls in and request a different recruiter give them someone else to work with. It's never been a very difficult or awkward conversation it's very simple and no feelings were hurt in the process. However, I've heard some stories about AMN having you go through the recruiting manager and giving the recruiter another chance etc. before they allow you to switch. I would call the company ask to speak to a manager or director of recruiting and be honest that you are very interested in working with AMN, but would like to be transferred to someone else. Best of luck to you!
  4. by   NedRN
    Yes to calling for a new recruiter. Keep it professional, and simply say it is not a good fit. If pressed, say you don't communicate well and would prefer someone with a different communication style. If further pressed, list some specifics about about what characteristics make for a good fit for you. Under no circumstances complain or give specific examples about your current recruiter. Big agencies tend to have groups of recruiters, so likely you will be kept in the same group (goes to commission or bonuses in the group).

    I had thought I was told at a travelers conference that AM had a policy of letting new travelers talk to several recruiters and pick the best fit. I thought that was pretty cool, disappointed if it is not true.
  5. by   Argo
    When i used them a couple years back they let me talk to 3 different recruiters and i picked one. I still use her, well talk to her when im in the market for a fresh contract..

    Just remember that someone you dislike might be a good fit for someone else and vice/versa.
  6. by   Swellz
    Quote from NedRN
    Big agencies tend to have groups of recruiters, so likely you will be kept in the same group (goes to commission or bonuses in the group).
    This is good to know. I stayed with a recruiter I didn't particularly care for because it was a good contract, and despite not working well with her I didn't want her not to get whatever commission she was due for setting it up. She ended up leaving anyhow. I guess I should've figured in this line of work there's a way to easily handle it on the agency end.
  7. by   NedRN
    There should be an easy way to handle recruiter changes inside the agency, but human feelings often get in the way. Recruiters and indeed entire agencies (at least smaller ones) can feel hurt and the traveler can bear some of the brunt. More likely to happen when a contract goes sour, but it is the reason I suggest not voicing specifics about a recruiter. Word gets around inside these working groups and there is zero benefit to the traveler in getting factual about a recruiter. This is a situation where professionalism (saying as little as possible) is called for.