RENO/what travel companies already there?

  1. What travel companies are already sending RN's to Reno, NV?

    I am planning to take my first assignment in Reno in February.

    To save time in filling out applications/skills checklists with various companies, only to find they are not already contracted there, I thought I would try to find out what companies are already there.

    Also any pearls of wisdom regarding your experience in Reno as a traveler? The hospitals, the area itself and how well you liked the experience.

    Thank you
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  3. by   cariad
    look on the navada site you will find out that theres only a couple of hospitals to choose from. just about everyone has washoe on their books. it depends on what floor that you go to as to whether its a good placement or not.
    they give you up to 8 patients, and you work hard for your money.
    on assignment have places there, and pay quite well for it.
    reno itself is a lovely place, near lake tahoe which is beautiful.
    have heard that st marys is a better place to work but I dont know who staffs them.
  4. by   jsmebnme
    Thanks for responding....I went to the Nevada site and posted my question and haven't heard from anyone yet. I also did a search on that site to see if they had previously discussed travel companies in Reno -nothing showed up.

    I'm hoping someone out there will respond soon....

    Does anyone know what Travel Companies currently have travelers in RENO?????
  5. by   cariad
    yes......ogrady peyton, on assignment and I dont know who else. OA will probably pay you better for washoe,,,,,,,search for articles on washoe on the nevada site.
  6. by   cariad
    PS...Idid say ONASSIGNMENT in the previous post, you obviously dont know that they are a travel company.
  7. by   NurseguyFL
    Talemed also has positions there. I once worked with a very nice recruiter from that company who wanted to send me to Washoe. But I declined the position because I didn't like certain things I had heard about that hospital from other nurses who worked there.