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  1. I have seen a few times now that getting written references is always a better option vs just giving recruiters phone numbers. It makes sense: you get to keep the reference for later use without bugging the person again, and you get to know that the reference will shed a positive light on you.

    I have google'd and searched high and low for a generic reference request form, but I've come up pretty empty. Does anyone have access to a reference/evaluation form?

    Do most travel agencies accept these types of references, or will they still insist on calling the person too?
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  3. by   abcnurse123
    Every agency i have used has given me no problems with a generic reference form

    Go to
    under downloads they have 2 different types of generic reference forms.
    if you message me your email, i can send you one that i created as well.
  4. by   NedRN
    PanTravelers has two examples of a reference/evaluation form in both PDF and an editable Word doc if you want to customize your form. Free to download.

    Everyone will love you for having written references in hand. Agencies are supposed to verify them, but just confirming employment dates will do that if they can't contact the referee. They also don't have to ask any questions of the writer other than to confirm they wrote the reference.

    Get written references a few weeks in the the assignment and every few weeks thereafter. That helps to protect you if they claim you are a bad nurse later if they want to terminate you for any reason (knock on wood). It also means you have it should you be terminated or have to leave for say family illness. They are very difficult to obtain after you've left the job - which is where your agencies will be after the fact.
  5. by   eymilin
    BluePipes blog also has a generic evaluation form