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Hello! I was wondering what are some important questions to ask the hospital manager a traveller is interviewing for? Also, what should a traveller be looking for during the conversation? Thanks... Read More

  1. by   caroladybelle
    Quote from diarygirl512

    How long do you usually take for an interview?? I mean, how many minutes on the phone? Some of these lists are quite exhaustive and I almost get embarassed for having so many questions to get a thorough picture of the facility!
    It varies, some will be a few minutes long, others longer.

    But after a few assignments, you start to get a "feel". Plus, you have been evaluated by several managers for a few positions and those references are generally sent with your profile. And those references make a big difference.

    My first interviews were the dull, "what ratio are you used to working with?, How do you handle stressful situations/yelling MDs, etc.?" But several assignments in, I started getting faster interest/better assignment interest. Not to mention, managers leaving their home phones for me to call, rather than trying to catch them on the floor.

    On my last send out, I picked 2 notoriously picky facilties (every detail must be correct or they reject the app) , with higher payrates and a certain level of prestige in my field. After this assignment, I needed to go off the road for a time for tax and family reasons, so I figured on trying to go off with a last hurrah. I was warned that it is usually 3-4 weeks before being called.

    I got a message on my voice mail within 4 hours - remarkable given that it was facility that is security and bureaucracy heavy. The other facility called within 9 days - and offered me a slightly better position than was listed - and gave me the office phone, pager and her home phone.

    Most of the better positions, the manager asks very specific questions as far as skills and expectations. I tell them what chemos or biologics that I deal with, the patient ratios that I have dealt with along with acuity. It is a matter of does what I have match what they need, and if I have the skills and willingness to learn about that which might be different in their center. Sometimes the manager discusses some casual issues - oncology requires a certain type personal interaction. It also gives you an idea of the "personality" of the unit.

    I have been told that I have very good evals and that gets me work. I have never seen them. But I will say that if the manager asks something incredibly banal, I probably I may decline the assignment. For example, I was going for a community facility med onco position, near family, at a forprofit. The manager must have been interviewing from some guide. When she asked me, "So what made you decide to become a nurse?" and the followup, "Do you think you can handle the stressers of cancer nursing?", I truly wanted to hang up.

    (For goodness sales, I had been a nurse for 13 years, 10 of them in hemo/onco/BMT, I am chemo and onco certed. How brain dead is that question?)
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    Would like anyone's input. I am in hell...this facility has me concerned. I am a new traveler and do not know what to do.
  3. by   Rage
    You may want to check with other travel companies that service other accounts in the area and see if they have a unit that is currently unoccupied that you could rent from them. If you explained the situation to them and the difficulties you have had with the current agency they "may" see it as an opportunity to add you to their list of travellers and offer a unit at a discount.
  4. by   jlynn325
    Eventhough ive been traveling for awhile, its nice to refresh myself and get new questions before and interview! Thanks... oh and your bathroom story was funny...but so true!!
  5. by   great-nurse
    Do all travel nurses get orientation?
  6. by   Diary/Dairy
    You should get at least a week orientation.....
  7. by   jennyboofRN
    Question-I recently have been signed on to a 13 week assignment at a hospital in Nevada-Las Vegas-ER-I am to take a BKAT-6, 100 question, crital nursing test-what is this-I looked up info and have heard it is a really hard test-any thoughts out there?
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    A very helpful post. I would definitely want to know what the nurse to patient ratio is,if I would have to work mandatory overtime, how many weekends I would need to work, if charting is on the computer or on paper, what my orientation would be like. Other than those, I wouldn't know what to ask a unit manager.... very very helpful. Thank you
  9. by   JeeperN
    I am a new RN with just under 1yr experience considering travel nursing... I am young and want adventures.

    Can I expect to get shift differentials from the staffing company for working nights/weekends? Or is it just straight pay?

    Also, thanks so much for the other questions and comments. I have learned a lot just by reading above.