1. As others on this site have stated, I am interested in beginning to travel. I am completely and totally overwhelmed by the all the travel companies and I don't know how I'm going to make a decision. I work in labor and delivery and I'm wanting to travel to California, I currently work in in the Kansas City Metro. Has anyone heard of or used the company ReadyLink? I am very pleased with the recruiter i've talked to. Apparently they provide a tax free per diem check for housing and travel allowance in addition to your taxed salary, has anyone heard of this, is this the way to go? I also have been impressed with a company called "travel nurse across america" and "travel Nurse network" Any input you all have would be greatly appreciated! THANKS!
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  3. by   eddy
    I have been quite pleased with Alacrity. I have also gone through starmed. Alacrity has a local office in KC, but I believe they only do per diem and local contracts directly through that office. They also have an office in Topeka, KS. I have gone through both of these offices for non-travel 8 and 12 wk contracts, and have been quite pleased.

    I will tell you this though. Everyone has different experiences. One person will say so and so is great, and yet another person will likely say they hate them. Best thing to do is talk to several and see what happens.
  4. by   webbiedebbie
    OBNurseShelley...Since your last post, how is it going? Have you traveled? I'm curious because I also specialize in L&D and am curious about the hospitals. Hope to hear from you soon.

  5. by   Brownms46
    I sure hope if you went with ReadyLink...you have a better deal than most.
  6. by   OBNurseShelley
    Are you Kidding ME?? READYLINK? They have the WORST deal of all of them.....trust me, I did my research, sure you can make lots of money with them, if you live in a shack and work 70 hours/week!

    I am very happy at my first assignment in the san Francisco area, with Advantis Medical Staffing, things are going really well and I'm making good money with a nice place to live.....if you want to know about travel nursing, go to the delphiforums, lots of good advice and insight to assignments and agencies....
  7. by   Brownms46
    I posted that I hope if you went with them...not that you did. I have been around a lonng time...and was around when Readylink came into existance...so I know they're not agency I would ever want to work for. Glad you got on with Advantis...as I know a traveler who is here...got the best housing around here with them.
  8. by   OBNurseShelley
    thanks so much brown, I misread your post......
  9. by   renerian
    I agree Readylink rep is not so hot. I liked Robison.

  10. by   medicrnali
    I too am overwhelmed by all the travel companies out there, I am trying to muddle through them all to find which one is best for my daughter and I. Since I have a teenaged child to think about first and foremost, I am really under alot more pressure than if it was just me to think about! I am an experienced ER RN-Paramedic. Any good advice would be greatly appreciated!!!
    Thanks in advance!
  11. by   Brownms46
    You're welcome OBNurseShelley.. You know I went back and read my first post just now...and I saw how it could have been read differently. I'm glad you have found a good agency, as that is the most difficult trick of all in this business.

    ali ...this business is all about trust! You must be able to trust your recruiter and the company you work with. The most important relationship is the one you have with your recruiter! I have had some good ones, and some bads ones. Here is the way I tell which is which. When I talk to them...are they listening?? Did they hear exactly what "I" said. If they didn't...I move on.

    The highest pay rate in the world...means nothing if you have a lazy...uncaring recruiter.

    The best to find out which company is best for you is to interview them. Find out who staffs where you want to go, and who has the benefits, and rates...in those places. Then decide what it is ...that you must have, and what would make traveling easier for you and your daughter. Then go down the list and interview each recruiter.

    While you're interviewing them...think about if something happened...and you were in a bind...would you feel comfortable talking to this person. Do they call back when they say they will. Do you get voice mail too often...with no callback by the end of the day. Do they interrupt you while you're talking....?

    After you do that...talk to other travelers who work that company and those who used to work for them...and get some feedback.

    It may take you awhile to find the right company..so plan ahead. You won't be sorry you did your homework...before you signed on the dotted line. But you could be very sorry if you don't ! I can attest to the personally! Take care and take it slow..
  12. by   blondamb1
    i just starting talking to my recruiter at American Mobile. She gives the impression that she is very trustworthy. Has anyone worked with them or currently working with them. Would like some info about the reality of this company.
  13. by   OBNurseShelley
    THere are like 100 more companies better than them. THeir pay sucks, they make you pay for things you shouldn't have to and you will never get the personal service you get from many other reputable companies, keep looking! Try the delphi forums, you'll find much more information there!
  14. by   Geeg
    Have a friend who was with American Mobile, they failed to find housing for her, and she had to find her own place!!!!!The whole point of travel nursing is not worrying about housing!!!!