On my way!!!

  1. Hi all!!
    Here I go again!! On to my next assignment to Inova in Alexandria, VA!! Wish me luck (only my second assignment by the way)start Monday!!!

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  3. by   nightingale
    Way to go

    [BANANA]Beneficence [/BANANA]

    I hope you enjoy your assignment. What is your specialty?
  4. by   SCGreywolf
    Let me know how it is. I have been looking at an assignment there for the first of the year. Lot closer to home. Less money....but I might get home more often.
    The wolf
  5. by   Beneficence
    I work in CVICU. I just check into my apt. and I am Pi.... off!!! This place is dirty. Mildew in the tub. Food spills in the microwave and fridge. kitchen floor black with dirt and trash, green stuff in the cabinets.......My company will put me in a hotel until monday when my apt. can get clean. The maint. people are out until then!!!! Can't even unpack all my stuff because it is so filthy. It is better that I stop before I get upset over again. i start hospital orientation monday. Hope everything else is going to be great. Going to the hotel to shower and relax. Long day..........
  6. by   jessyjaneRN
    u can also insist that ur company find a better housing complex. their hosing department should have better standards and choices. u need to speak up. u r giving them ur best and it should be the same. nothing says a good worker liike a place to come home to and relax
  7. by   dpipes44
    What appartment are you in? How's it going? My girlfriend and I are heading to the ED in Nov.


    PM me if you want!
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  8. by   nightingale
    staff reminder to posters:

    please be careful about posting very private and very specific information on this international website. facilities, co-workers, apartment owners, lurkers, and worse can view this site too. so, please, keep information that may put you in harms way, "off of the bulletin board".

    thanks colleagues!