NLC (Nurse Licensure Compact) Question - HELP!

  1. I'd like to know what state included in the nurse licensure compact states is the FASTEST to get your license from (via mail). I'd like to broaden my options as far as travel nursing goes, and I think that seems like the easiest way to do so. Any input is appreciated! Here's a list of the states -- if any of you have a license in these states, and know about how long it takes to get one, please let me know!!

    Arizona 7/1/2002 Arkansas 7/1/2000 Colorado 10/1/2007 Delaware 7/1/2000 Idaho 7/1/2001 Iowa 7/1/2000Kentucky 6/1/2007 Maine 7/1/2001 Maryland 7/1/1999 Mississippi 7/1/2001 Nebraska 1/1/2001 New Hampshire 1/1/2006 New Mexico 1/1/2004 North Carolina 7/1/2000 North Dakota 1/1/2004 South Carolina 2/1/2006 South Dakota 1/1/2001 Tennessee 7/1/2003 Texas 1/1/2000 Utah 1/1/2000 Virginia 1/1/2005 Wisconsin 1/1/2000

    Sorry about the dates - posted this from the website.

    Thanks again for help--

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  3. by   Evangeline2000
    It appears from your profile that you live in Illinois. Illinois isn't a compact state. You cannot do nursing with a compact license, unless your legal residence is in a compact state.

    You can't just send off and get a license from a compact state - you have to live in one. Sorry
  4. by   bagladyrn
    You need to understand that you can only work in other states on a compact state license if that compact state license is from your HOME state of residence.
    For example, I hold licenses in several compact states, but since my home state of FL is not a compact state, I still need to obtain a license in each state I wish to work in. That "compact state"license I have in the other state is only good for that state, no other.
  5. by   Hellllllo Nurse
    Baglady RN is right-

    You must be a resident of a compact state to have a compact state license. For example- If you live in CA (non-compact state) and you get an AZ license, that license is only good for AZ. If you go to work in another compact state (like TX) you will have to get a TX license, and that license will only be good in TX.
  6. by   Diary/Dairy
    You can get an NC license fast, I think I got my temp license in just a few weeks.

    As others have said though - my NC license is only good in NC because my state of residence is not a compact state.

    Good luck to you.