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  1. are pay rates in general much lower in New Mexico?
    I've been quoted an hourly (taxed) rate of $20/hour, plus maximum housing and living stipends that work out to about $25/hour untaxed (I definitely qualify, since my tax base will be Maine)
    I've also been told that that is a flat rate, not to expect differential for nights or that usual?
    I'm certified in and have 20+ years experience in both adult and pediatric critical care. I think I'd be pretty marketable:wink2:

    any input most appreciated!
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  3. by   bagladyrn
    That is very low. I'm on contract right now in NM and getting in the $30's plus housing and all the usual benefits. No it it not usual though to get a differential for nights as a traveler - generally just for charge or call back.
  4. by   tencat
    New Mexico is not one of the cheapest states I've ever lived in. It seems to me that food, housing, etc. cost quite a bit more than perhaps they should! Compared to California, we're cheaper, though. Wow, 30$ an hour is quite nice! I need to travel once I get a year in. I'm making $21.75/hr. as a new nurse. Even in my small town I get a differential for nights and evenings, but not for weekends. So, it sounds to me like that's unusual to not get that. If you're going to be working at an Albuquerque hospital, you are getting ripped-off because I KNOW pay is better than that there.
  5. by   SVO
    Sorry to hijack your thread,
    I'm curious if anyone can give me an idea of what a new LPN in ABQ will be making?
    I had my LVN in California back in the late '90's (military challenge), and am considering going back to get my LPN here, but need to have a real world idea of potential earnings.
    Thanks for any input.
  6. by   suzyjudy007
    I just got an assignment in Alb and will make 27/hr w/1300 housing benefit. This is my 3rd travel assignment.
  7. by   maritimegirl
    I'm a travel RN working in NM, and I'm getting $23.50/hr taxable, plus approximately $7.00/hr in per diems which is untaxable. I'm also getting free private housing, and travel and licensure reimbursement on top of keep looking, you can be paid well in NM.
  8. by   SCGreywolf
    I'm working in Albuquerque at $39 an hour, free hotel type housing, decent travel reimbursement and a VERY supportive recruiter and head nurse. No weekend or night differential, just charge and on call. No per diem tax free stuff but I'll take the higher pay anytime. I've been here since May and I love it.
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  9. by   nightingale

    What Agency are you with?
  10. by   suzyjudy007
    thanks for replying. i am glad to hear you are getting great pay and you love it out there! i am with american mobile and was told by my recruiter not to expect anything more than 28 per hour in NM. i am going to work at presbyterian in alb doing med surg. i dont have tele skills or acls but i do get along well with my co-workers, have a good attitude, show up to work on time every time ready to work. i say a little prayer every morning asking God to help me be part of the solution and NOT part of the problem!
    anyway, so glad you are liking your assignment. i cant wait to get out there and do some hiking in the sandia's and some powdery skiing up at taos. suzanne
  11. by   SCGreywolf
    I suppose it all depends on how your agency structures your pay. As I said, my agency does not do any 'tax advantage' program so you DO have to look at the bottom line (take home). However, here's what my current agency gives me. (they have a web site actually stating the pay rates) The agency is Nurse Choice, pay at Lovelace Medical Center Downtown is 39 per hour, they house in Extended Stay Deluxe, 8 week contracts, guaranteed 48 hours/week (no 36 hour contracts), travel reimbursement. Currently if you want the housing subsidy instead of housing, the subsidy is 1200 a month (tax free).
    I don't know what Presby is paying nor do I know working conditions. I do know they have less turnover than the other hospitals. I happen to like LMC and the group I work with in ICU. As always, there are aggravations and pitfalls but overall it's not bad. Not near as bad as a number of places I've been (total 47 assignments). My major complaint about NC is most of their assignments are in the SW and Calif but so far, that's the only complaint I have. Pay is on time and accurate, recruiter is always there for me, QA is a bit of a PIA. Depends of what you want/expect, I suppose.
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  12. by   zipporah
    So Greywolf, DO you get overtime on that last shift? Your contracts are renewed every 2 months? If you find your ownhousing, does your rate of pay go up? Are you working nights? Is it common in NM to have 48 hour week contracts? Appreciate your information, I am headed that way next.
  13. by   SCGreywolf
    Yes, anything over 40 is OT. I don't know if 48 is common out here or not. I don't think most of the other agencies require 48 hour weeks but NC does. Most of my fellow travellers here are from Nurse soon as they finish their first contract with someone else....grin. AMN folks that come here and are exposed to NC travellers are shocked at the pay difference.

    In answer to your question about the housing, the stipend is added onto your weekly check in the tax free area (I think). I am not sure how it is dispensed because I have always taken their housing. Housing for singles is Extended Stay Deluxe. Not bad and the way I work, I'm either sleeping or working..or not in town at all. Probably the housing section of NC would help you find an apartment.....but they are fairly expensive here for the nice ones.

    LMC uses travellers in med-surg, tele, SDU, ICU and ER. If you want to come to MY ICU, you better be friendly, competent and team oriented (like the rest of us). That was meant to be humorous but actually, it's not a bad request. I wish I could tell you how it is over at Presby but I can't. I've heard both good and bad.....just like everywhere else. You make it what you want....and you can make it miserable too.
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  14. by   SCGreywolf
    Oh, yeah. I forgot to mention that there's contracts in Los Cruces as well. Never worked there so I can't tell you anything except it's a real pleasant college town.

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