New assignment and new agency

  1. I have just agreed to a new assignment in Southern Oregon on a Lake. It's a Mon-Fri 8:30 to 5:30pm, with no weekends, and no holidays... Unfortunately there is no opportunity for OT...but I can live with that. It is doing something that I have already done, working with a residency program in a clinic/hospital. Mostly indigent pt's and the hospital is owned by the community.

    I will be the only LPN in this position, and I have been told I will be given a WHOLE week to orient! Can't believe my good fortune, as the references for this place has been very good. But you never know until you get we shall see.

    The new agency is Aureus Medical, and they're paying for everything including linens, microwave...TV..the works! Not only that they're also paying for my titers, my CXR(as I can't do PPDs), and since mine was five years ago, they required a new one. And they're paying for the drug screen which is kind of usual. And the pay is still good also!

    I start in as soon as I get my license approved which should be in two weeks. I'm not sure I'm ready to have the possiblity of dealing with some snow, but this position will be a good addition to my already lengthy resume. I will be close to the Cali border, and close to where I evidentally want to end up.

    Happy trails...
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  3. by   eltrip
    And here I was, hoping that you'd still be in Arizona! Hope that you enjoy Oregon!
  4. by   renerian
    sounds like aprimo assignment! I may go back to traveling in a year or so. I did traveling home health.


    what agency are you working with?

  5. by   Brownms46
    Hi eltrip,

    I'm sorry I didn't see your post until now. I hope you haven't left yet, because I will still be here when you get here. If you see this, give me a holler and I will meet you at place of your choosing. PM me and let me know you saw this.
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  6. by   Brownms46
    Hi renerian,

    I'm going with Aureus Medical, and from what I hear they're a good agency, but you never know till after the assignment starts.
  7. by   aus nurse

    Sounds great Brownms, have fun on the new adventure
  8. by   nightingale
    It sounds great Brown. Let us know how it is going.


  9. by   Brownms46
    Aus nurse and nightngale...,

    Thank you both for you postin I just got off the phone with my recruiter, after having received the contract, and finding out things I didn't know. Well...I must say I have indeed been blessed to find this agency!

    They have just offered to cover half my Cobra payments as they're insurance doesn't kick in for 90 days instead of 30. I have been told I will be receivng a two BR fully furnsihed apt. down to the phone and the cable being paid! In other words I will be paying NO housing costs at all!!! I don't have to bring anything with me except for my own personal items, and my pc equipment!!

    I will keep you updated as to how this assignment goes, so and maybe provide pics from the assignment, now that I will be working regular hours... It's a beautiful area, and praying I will like it a lot....
  10. by   eltrip
    Way primo, Brownie! Again, congrats!
  11. by   Brownms46
    Heyy Joy, thanks..!

    I have sent you a PM!!! See ya soon..!
  12. by   Vsummer1
    It sounds great! Keep us posted.

    If this company pays for referrals, in a few years (after I graduate and get some experience so I CAN travel) I will let them know I heard of them from you. Travelling is something I really want to do in the future so I hope deals like this will still be around then...
  13. by   Brownms46
    Val I would be honored to have your as my referral! I think this company will be around for a long time, and I'm sure by the time you're ready to travel the deals will have just got better! Thanks for the offer to allow me to refer you ..

    And I will be sending pics along to keep your fire for travel lit..:chuckle.

    In the beginning it can be pretty scarey, but if you have an adventurous spirit, you will be just fine. Just remember to learn all you can, and try to get as much experience as possible. Go for as many certs as you can, as this will help out a lot.

    I will support and help you in anyway that I can. So don't hesitate to ask at anytime. Unless I don't exist anymore...I will always be here ready and willing to help.

    Looking forward to the day you're ready to travel...
  14. by   Vsummer1
    Thanks for your encouraging words!!!

    I just checked out their website. It seems they have been in business a LONG time, which looks reassuring as far as them STAYING in business a long time. But, I didn't see anything about a new grad program

    I am stuck in this town for at least another year and a half of school, and am already chomping at the bit! *Sigh * I even went out and bought a laptop already :roll