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Received a call from an agency in desparate need to fill in for 2 weeks on an assignment that another nurse had to leave due to emergency situation, last Friday (weekend of July 4). I talked with my... Read More

  1. by   webbiedebbie
    The agency is Liquid Agents.

    I submitted my time for the two hours I spent with the manager. I was told a check has been sent out to me....I have yet to receive it.

    The agency is also saying they are planning to reimburse me for the 3 missed shifts I had with the hospital I currently work for. My manager was gracious enough to grant me a LOA for the two weeks to help this agency/hospital out. 3 nurses I work with gave back the shifts for the second did not.

    I do not know how much reimbursement I will receive....I will be very impressed if they do reimburse me. I have kept a positive stance with the agency, but did tell them I may hire an attorney....kinda put a fire under their butts. They are pleasant with me and I am pleasant to them.

    I will keep you all posted!
  2. by   natasha700
    Quote from BadBird
    Unless you have in writing that you could get reimbursed, you will not be able to collect. My advise is don't trust the recruiter or agency, go with another and never start a contract without everthing completed first and in writing.
    Bad bird you are so right. I am learning now. Never agree to anything until you see it in writing.

    I took a local travel assignment to a hospital that is known to float on different floors in one shift. Well 1. They had one person do the scheduling for the entire hospital even w/countless times I put in my requests for days off days that I had to be at my other job she consistently scheduled me on those days. 2. Float policy- I was told ahead of time I was not floating but as soon as the census get low they were attempting to cancel us and floating which is not in my contract to do so! Then in the middle of my contract I was told I had to float! Then the straw that did it for me was when the staffer lied and said I was a no call no show on the schedule when my schedule says otherwise. I discussed this with my agency and because of that my contract was terminated! Which was fine but it seems that my agency was not supportive of what happended. The staffer says she spoked to me personally which was an out right lie! The bottom line was that I refuse to play their games and wouldn't back down and they saw an opportunity and took it. I am glad it was a local contract I would have been up a creek w//o paddle if it were out of state. I have learned my lesson. 1. Go by your first instinct if you aren't feeling a facility don't go there. 2. READ the contract thoroughly because most of these agencies are only out to make a buck not caring about your welfare. whew!111
  3. by   Town & Country
    WebbieDebbie I sent you a PM asking for the name of the agency, then saw where you posted it down in the thread, so please ignore my PM.

    Girl, the more I deal with travel nursing recruiters the more I am inclined to stay away........FAR, FAR away! They will lie to you, they don't care what they say - they just want a warm body so they can get their $.

    I think it's way better to deal with hospital recruiters.

    BUT ~ the DON there was evidently very impressed with you, which may come in very handy in the future! One thing I have learned: never burn your bridges.

    I wouldn't fool with Liquid Agents much longer, trying to get paid. You'd probably have to take them to court, etc. Would probably cost more than it's worth.

    You're the winner in this situation! You go, girl! :hatparty:
  4. by   webbiedebbie
    Well, guess what! After weeks of calling and being told my check was in the mail (I had put in for the 2 hours I spent with the manager), I got the check! The recruiter says the rest of my inconvenience is still in negotiations. I don't know if I will collect or not, but he also said there is also a legal matter involved, so they are paying for what they did to me and to the hospital.

    Will keep you posted.
  5. by   nightingale
    webbiedebbie, thanks for the update.

    Life sure can throw us some curve balls... I am sure you will be successful in whatever decision you make