Mourning my last shift

  1. Last night was my last shift as a traveler. I have enjoyed the last 1 1/2 years as a traveler and am already looking forward to doing it again. My husband (who runs a home business from wherever we were traveling) and I decided to travel to find out where in the US we wanted to live. We found a spot both of us like and bought a house and are expecting our first baby in July. As of Monday I will be a regular nurse in the ED I have been a traveler in for the last 2 assignments. I know this is a great decision, but right now I am mourning the loss of my traveling.

    I will miss the freedom to completely not care about hospital politics and mandatory staff meetings. I will miss the freedom to take time off whenever I want. I will miss looking at the map and talking about where to go next. As I sit through the formal hospital orientation on Monday and Tuesday (meet the admin, hear about the vision and mission... ) I know I will think even more fondly of my life as a traveler...
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  3. by   ertravelrn
    As much as I like traveling, I am looking forward to my last husband doesn't come with me, so I do alot of commuting.....and I am tired of it......however, my dh is now enrolling in school so that we can travel together eventually. That I am looking forward to.
    Good luck on your new job.....
  4. by   caliotter3
    Gosh, you almost brought tears to my eyes. Good luck in your new roles.
  5. by   AMANSVIEW
    I could picture the smile on your face when you spoke of a baby in July. Congratulations and God bless.