Medical Solutions question, please help

  1. Hi there! So, Medical Solutions offered me a position in Phoenix at $25/hr- including free pvt housing, travel reimbursement, mileage reimburement, etc! That seems low to me but they also provide this "per diem" money which is $39/day for food and things. Plus they give this vehicle stipend for gas, repairs of your car at $650/month- so these perks all break down biweekly on your check. Does this sound right to you and am I getting a far deal? I always thought phoenix was higher paying for travelers?? Has anyone traveled with them before? Please help! thank You!
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  3. by   URanurse
    My daughter is a traveler (echocardiography) and has worked for Club Staffing for two years. They have been very easy to work with and she has had no complaints. Give them a call and see how comparable each are. If you do sign up with Club Staffing, please mention Staci Kish. Thanks, Glenda
  4. by   OkieICU_RN
    $25/hr seems low for the area. I know that I have been quoted higher amounts for that area with several agencies.

    Also depends on what you want and what you will need. Is the $650 for gas and car repairs tax free? If not, that doesn't seem like much. Also with the $39/hr per diem, that's $504 per week (if you are doing 36 hours) for housing. Now, if you live around there or can stay with a friend, that's a great deal. If not, find out how much it is to rent a nice place, furnished, in a good area. That may be more that what you will get for your per diem.

    The companies I work with usually quote me a rate, tell me it's either free private housing or a monthly stipend of $xx. I can tell you that the montly housing stipend is around $2000/mo in that area which is what you were basically quoted, BUT, the hourly taxed rate was higher. Like $30-32.

    Are you checking with other companies?
  5. by   carebearRN
    Hi there, I am talking with other companies such as Access Nurses, RN Network, and On Assignemnt. Any advice on these companies? Thank You!
  6. by   NurseguyFL
    Its actually not too bad, IF all of the per diem and misc. exp money that you will be getting is tax-free. I don't know what if any state taxes apply in Arizona, but if you add everything up at the $25/hour rate, you'd be making around $32/hour before taxes.

    I would call around. Maybe you can get more from another agency.
  7. by   maritimegirl
    I worked with Medical Solutions on my last assignment.....I loved them...excellent company to work for. Don't be thrown off by the low pay rate, I was making about that amount an hour, but my checks ended up being around $1200.00 per week after taxes. All the per diems that they pay make it pretty good in the end.
  8. by   anotherneonurse
    My friend took an assignment in AZ at $45/hr but I don't know what the housing allowance was. Personally, I would prefer a higher hourly rate on my paycheck then all these individual stipends for every little thing. Maybe they are hoping you forget about some of them.
  9. by   cvryder
    Quote from carebearRN
    Hi there, I am talking with other companies such as Access Nurses, RN Network, and On Assignemnt. Any advice on these companies? Thank You!
    I've been with On Assignment and have had good hourly pay (>$30/hr) in all positions. They also provide excellent free housing, furnished right down to the spoons and bedsheets. No complaints whatesoever!

    I have heard that pay in AZ is lower because all the hospitals are in collusion. I don't know if that's true or not. I almost took a position there through another agency (turned out to be one of the Evil Empire) but turned it down when I found out that I'd have to schlep all my dishes and linens and stuff all the way there from TN. No way, especially since I wasn't going to get the pay I'd been used to. Some companies offer a big "completion bonus," which is IMO a bad thing because Uncle Sam can take such a big bite out of it. OA never has.

  10. by   rdaven
    YOu did not give all the details regarding the travel reembursments but I can do the math for you on what you did give. This is going under the assumption that the M&I and Car allowance is tax free.

    X 36 Hrs
    -170 Tax @ 30%
    +273.00 ($39X7 days)
    +162.25 ($650 Div 4wks)
    $1065.25 Net pay
    If you want to figure out what the pay would be without the tax fre just take:
    X319.58( 30% tax)
    Div 36hrs
    So you can see that is a great rate plus your travel makes it better.
  11. by   NurseguyFL
    Isn't this company a part of the EE?