1. Well, it is truth and consequences time...I have to cancel a contract that I never even got started on due to lack of funds for travel, licensure, etc...how bad is it going to be for me?? I have no job, no money, and am at my wits end with my nursing career in general at this point. 9 years experience down the drain.
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  3. by   NedRN
    If you have no money, there can be no consequences. Other than even less money from not working. If you have interviewed and been accepted for a travel assignment, this is your escape route. Max out a credit card (ask for a credit limit raise using your contract as credit worthiness), ask friends and family for a loan, ask the agency for a big advance. Home loan, personal bank loan, go to a loan shark if necessary. Anything to get out of this vicious cycle.

    Also Google Nurses House (dot org). They provide financial grants for nurses in need. It looks like $3,500 is the average grant.
  4. by   chelli73
    Thank you for the advice, NedRN, I have done some of what you posted, asked for an advance, and asked friends and family, to no avail. The company does not do advances, even though I specifically told them I didn't have any funds on hand. Family and friends are in their own financial binds at this time. I really want to go, but there is no way I can get the license in time for the start date. I have worked in healthcare for over 17yrs in one aspect or another, raised three healthy kids who cannot help me now, and I am single without much of a support network. I am so afraid to go forward and yet terrified to stay put. And either way---I have NO money!! I did check out the NurseHouse, thanks for that tip!
  5. by   NedRN
    Kids! Tell them to put themselves in your shoes and beg, borrow, and steal to get you seed money for a confirmed contract. Did you ever let them go hungry? Time to give some back.

    I'm dead serious about the loan sharks. Most cities will have payday type lenders. Exorbitant rates but they should accept your contract for a personal loan. Take as little as possible and sleep in your car for a couple weeks. Generally hospitals will have showers somewhere and you may be able to use a call room or closed patient room.
  6. by   chelli73
    I am going to keep looking for options, however my 3 kids (26, 24, and 22) cannot help me...the 24yo is the only one who ever tried to help me, and his new bride (they were married last yr) just found out she is expecting!! I feel like a huge failure in that what kind of "grandma" asks her son for help?! I know you are thinking I am crazy, lol, but it is true---my kids have really not been there for me during this time---except for my 24yo son. If you knew my story, NedRN, you would travel to Indiana to put your foot in some butts over here...I have overcome parents with addictions (my father passed away at 41), teen pregnancy (I am 41--easy math), an abusive 14yr relationship with my kid's father (I left him in 2003, never looked back), I never graduated 8th grade!! Yet I was determined to break the cycle--I obtained a GED, went to CNA school, and graduated college with an ADN---ALL while raising my kids to the best of my ability, which was pretty well, as I am just now becoming a grandmother, lol!! My kids are great, spoiled, and yeah, greatly spoiled. My problem is after all of that I settled down into an 'under the radar' nursing job as a night staff float nurse at a local hospital, gave them the best sleep of my life for the last five plus yrs, working wherever I was needed never given any opportunity for advancement (they didn't care much about their employees) only to be discharged "without just cause"--I had to file an appeal to legally say that. Now I am out of a job, out of money, and almost out of time before I collapse under the entirety of it all. Hence came travel nursing. Seemed like a good idea at the time...but now I am regretting signing the contract, without any money for the actual travel part. I asked for an advance, I tried to say no, but they persisted, and now I am just dreading that call Monday to tell them I am out. What will the repercussions be? I have read all of your posts here, I even sent you a PM, you are truly the travel RN guru!! Realistically, what should I do?? Thanks so much thus far for responding!! Michelle
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  7. by   chelli73
    PS---I was originally licensed in IL, should I try to go back there?? I cannot afford one state license, let alone 2!! My logic was if I could obtain an out of state license, I should go for a nicer area. Chicago is a crime infested lousy area, I know--I was born and raised there! I took a once in a lifetime trip to Santa Fe, NM, and fell in love with the mountains.....oh if I could go back for good!!
  8. by   NedRN
    Get a payday loan. There must be some resources you can tap. You only need the money for a month. If my mom ever needed my help, I'd be delighted to help. Hope that Nurse House can help.

    As far as your contract goes, you certainly are unable to perform. Not legal to work without a license! You need to tell the agency just that. If they want to front you expenses, of course you would be delighted to perform. You might ask to talk to the manager or owner to explain that. I can certainly understand they may be reluctant, make the business case for it.

    Do whatever it takes, you do want this job!
  9. by   KaroSnowQueen
    Not sure whats going on with you, dont know if Illinois is a compact state. Or if your current state is. Oops, just saw Indy, nope not compact, darn it. I think I'd hit up a payday loan place and try for the travel place. Or ask them if they'd wait for me to establish residency in compact state and take a travel job in that or another compact state. Just a couple ideas off the top of my head....
  10. by   chelli73
    Thanks again NedRN, and thank you too KaroSnowQueen, I am going to try my hardest to get SOMETHING going here!! I do want to go, however I have to be prepared!!
  11. by   MadpeysRN
    Illinois is not a compact state, the last I heard/read they are trying to pass it but not as of yet..
  12. by   chelli73
    Hi all!! Okay here is the update: I screwed the pooch on the Roswell assignment, I just could not get the funds. However---Terre Haute hospital called me out of the blue (it was an earlier request I had due to the licensure and moving issues I had) and pretty much laid out an offer, NOW here is my conundrum---do I go back to the agency that I let down with the "Roswell incident" as they are the agency that the hospital has on file for my application (my recruiter kinda poo-pooed it in favor of Roswell), OR do I go in with a different agency, one that was interested in me also with this particular position?? I am trying to learn this process and let me say, it is a very slippery slope of a process indeed!! In the mean time and at the end of the day, I JUST NEED A SECURE JOB!! Thanks for all and any advice!! Michelle
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  13. by   NedRN
    A difficult situation to be sure. If the hospital really did receive your profile from this agency, generally that means that this agency "owns" you and trying a different agency would be futile. But a quick check with the hospital HR/staffing would not be a bad idea (do not call the agency yet). Tell them that the manager has called you and wants you and if it is possible to work for your choice of agencies. If so, also ask them to name two or three of their favorite agency vendors and now you are in business! If this best case scenario happens, again, do not call that original agency as they may be able to throw a monkey wrench into the proceedings.

    Otherwise, mend your fences as best as possible with this agency. They should still be willing to do business with you, a completed assignment represents around $5,000 in gross profits for them. Good luck!
  14. by   chelli73
    Thank you again NedRN, when I actually got the phone call interview I asked the HR and manager which agency actually referred me, and they stated the one that I did not go with the NM assignment, but did not seem to care at all which agency I was coming through, as I stated that I had applied with 'a few' different agencies, to which they (the hospital) were seemingly ambivalent, I already called the agency to attempt to mend fences, as I anticipate some form of "monkeywrenchery" on their part, what exactly the agency will do, I don't know...what is the worst case scenario on that?