Leave a staff position to travel in this economy??

  1. Please help!! I am a MS nurse with 2 years experience and my husbabnd ws laid off in Jan so we are thinking of exploring the world of travel nursing. We have someone willing to rent our condo with all of our furniture so we can just take off and not have to worry about that big bill every month. Plus, he has a severance check coming in every month until Oct. What I am finding is that it is pretty competitive and I only have 2 years exp. Oh, also we have a 7 month old so I am that much more nervous about leaving a stable job in a place I am comfortable. Am I wasting my time?? I have a handful of recruiters I am working with, hopefully that will help my chances. I am considering PA, NJ, DE, or MD so if anyone has traveled in these areas PLEASE let me know any good hospitals and/or ones to avoid (especially Baltimore there sems to be many jobs there so I might end up taking something in that area). Any insight would be GREATLY appreciated
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  3. by   Mercy65
    I currently work in Southern NJ, and most hospitals are not hiring travelers right now, they have really cut back and their is a hiring freeze. Some parts of PA are still taking travelers, I'm not sure about DE or Maryland, but I know some people in the DC area that say their is a big shortage there.

    Good luck, do your homework and read the contracts word for word, make sure you sign with a company that pays you if the hospital cancels you.
  4. by   bagladyrn
    Keep in mind that if you rent out your condo to someone else you will no longer have a "tax home" so therefore would have to pay taxes on the cost of housing and any other money the contract would otherwise designate as "tax free" or "tax advantage".
  5. by   dimplechinRN
    Well you do have a lot to consider but the good news is travel nursing seems to have picked up a little but like you said the positions are now more highly competitive. I am a nurse with 2 years experience as well and have decided to go back to being staff (flexi) just so I can get a little more exp. and some more certifications. I have been on 1 assignment last year but now I just do flexi at my local hosp. and I do per diem in Cali,but I guess one thing you need to consider is if and when your hubby decides to get another job will you guys have to move back to your home state and will your hosp. take you back or do you have other hospitals to consider. i dont know much about the per diem allowance rules & regs but I do know that when I went on my assignment in Cali I did get it and honestly without the allowance I would have been making about as much if I would have stayed a staff nurse at my own hosp. because the hosp I traveld to did not allow overtime so If you can get a position with guaranteed o/t that would be a plus also I would suggest you going to state like Cali. They pay o/t for anything over 8hrs and d/t for over 12hrs.
  6. by   jack4408
    I wouldn't.
  7. by   GoingHome
    I wouldn't do it either. The market has dramatically changed. With things being so unstable I would stay where I knew I had a paycheck coming in. Spend this time exploring about travel nursing. Maybe try another unit in your local hospital so you are more marketble
  8. by   IndigoCarmine
    Well, I don't work in med-surg, (I work in L&D as a traveller ) but WOW would I NOT leave a permanent position right now. Stuff is so competaitive right now I'm not certain that an increase in certifications can offset two years of experience. I work with several travelers with 10 years experience having no luck getting jobs because there simply aren't any!

    We're all hoping things pick-up in the coming months.

    Honestly I'd wait.

  9. by   travelnurse2009
    I agree. I am from Michigan and the hospitals are laying off nurses all the time. Stay where you have a paycheck coming in. Some of the recruiters are promising big things because they work on commission and if they can find you one job, does not mean they will find you another when your contract has ended.
  10. by   Ianxcom
    Wow this is depressing because I have been planning on moving to Colorado from California in the coming months and was thinking about going with a Travel company.

    I only have about 1.5 years experience too. =/
  11. by   travelnurse2009
    Your best bet would be to contact a hospital in Colorado and try to work there full time first. Once the recession is over and elective surgeries are up, they are going to be needing us again. But for now, you have to be careful what you do with your job. Good Luck!!!
  12. by   PedsRN82
    I am a travel nurse currently. To be honest with you, its not the time. Jobs are lacking everywhere big time. I have several recruiters always looking for jobs for me, jobs are very minimal. I would keep your perm job, as soon as the economy picks up, then try it.
  13. by   corbon
    It is true w/ jobs being very limited. I finally got a travel job, but it was w/ a hospital that I had worked w/ in the past. You might be better off, staying put until the market picks up again.
  14. by   dag56101
    I was thinking of travel nursing now that my kids have all graduated from high school. I haven't decided on a company yet and have been following blogs from travel nurses who couldn't get out of their contracts or who couldn't trust their recruiters, so I am hesitant to leave my perm job. I appreciate hearing the truth about travel nursing.