is it too late to get into travel nursing when you're over 40?

  1. Hi, want to wait til I get the kiddie off to college before trying out travel nursing? Is this a good idea? Will I be as marketable then? Will it be harder in any way you can think of?

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  3. by   ERDoug
    Hey Irene,
    It's never too late to start your travel health care career. I have been traveling for 3 years now and I love it. I have met people from all different walks of nursing, almost new grads to very senior nurses. I think that the more experience you have to more marketable you are. I say go with it, you'll love it. I am in Miami Beach right now and email me and I'll tell you who I am working with. Good luck and I all the best.

  4. by   mudslidemary
    40 is not to late at all. I started at 49. I love it. I have been traveling for only 1 year, and hope to travel for at least 3-5 more. I have had nothing but great experiences.......go for it.

  5. by   julie foster
    I just completed my first travel assignment, and I will soon be 46. I was fortunate enough to be able to take my family with me since we homeschool our 16 year-old. It was a great experience. I work for PPR-Travel out of Jacksonville Beach, Fl. and they have been GREAT!!!I would definitely recommend travel nursing to anyone who is feeling like they are in a rut, but don't want to give up nursing. Assignments range from 4 weeks on up, so if you go somewhere and don't like it -- so what? You can leave and go somewhere else. What a great way to see different areas, cultures, peoples, etc. and get paid to do it!!
  6. by   maryjou
    I've worked with travelers who range in age from 22 to 62. You just have to be flexible. Some travel with their spouses and some "leave" them at home. I'm with RN Temps and am happy with them. Mary Jo
  7. by   PathFinder
    Over 40?
    Girl, nearly everybody is over 40!
    The average age of the working nurse in the USA is 43, so YOU'RE IN GOOD COMPANY!

    It's never to late to set a goal and go for it -- your make your life and your practice what it is, have a great adventure!!
  8. by   NoelaniRN
    I haven't met many Travel Nurses under 40! I quit traveling about 8 months ago and miss it terribly. My children are still in school so I'm staying put for now but will resume traveling once they leave home. Take your knowledge with you and share your experiences with other people. We have so much to learn and each place is different. Nursing is nursing.........only the equipment and where it's kept is different. Good luck!:P
  9. by   sr1228
    It is never to late to start to travel. I started about a year ago and I am over 50.
    So many of the travelers that I have met are older than 40. This is a wonderful way to meet new people, continue on with nursing without having to put up with the political garbage that is happening in healh care, see the country and your family can tag along if you want. Give it a whirl. Sue
  10. by   Patricia Smith
    I am 48 and have to wait 2 more years until my youngest hits college--I am looking so foward to traveling--please don't tell me I'm too OLD! Remember, it is JUST a number--maybe I will meet you on my travels!! Good Luck!
  11. by   kdblueey

    I will be starting my FIRST travel assignment at the end of Nov. I am 42. Any advice,etc that anyone can share, I would gladly appreciate it. I have been a nurse for 8 1/2 yrs so I am pretty confident re: skills, etc. But this doesn't make it any easier when some of the nurses that I am sure to encounter--will talk, complain, etc. behind my back. So what!!! That happens everywhere! The way I look at those type of reactions from nurses when I start to travel--you are just jealous!!

    Please, any nurses that have experience in travel nursing--please email me at:

  12. by   pjh
    [QUOTE]Originally posted by adireen:
    Adireen: I am 43y/o single mom of a 5y/o I've been traveling 2yrs with him by myself and love it, he just started kineygarden so i'll slow down during the school season.But your not to old most people wait till the kids are grown, but im looking for a home and needed a way out and this has been great we've been from coast-coast within a year.

  13. by   sucessful1s
    I do not think 40 something is too old. And if you are still interested in traveling, visit
  14. by   lockwood
    Originally posted by adireen:
    Hi, want to wait til I get the kiddie off to college before trying out travel nursing? Is this a good idea? Will I be as marketable then? Will it be harder in any way you can think of?

    I say go for it, it's never too late for anything. I've been traveling for a year, and have met many travel nurses, both young and old. If anything, you will be more marketable with your age and I'm assuming experience. I recommend MedStaff, call 1-800-732-9992 ext.244 ask for Michael Graham, please tell him Amy Lockwood referred you, you won't be disappointed, good luck.