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ER, Outpatient surgery, Pre op
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sr1228 has 43 years experience and specializes in ER, Outpatient surgery, Pre op.

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  1. sr1228

    How much do you make?

    I am presently a traveler, RN working in ER. I have 36 years experience and on this assignment I make $24/hr. Next assignment is contracted for $25/hr. Bonuses and housing stipend helps to raise the annual income. I will definitely be looking i...
  2. We really need to fix the problem that exists here before we recruit elsewhere!!!! We would then be able to retain those experienced nureses that we have now and also be able to recruit from our citizens. If a foreign nurse should relocate to this co...
  3. sr1228

    Needed STAT! : Info on Fla Nursing Salaries

    Hi: Check out the web site www.bls.gov/0es/state/oes_fl.htm or www.oeshome.htm and click on employment statistics. The info given for Fl states that the median salarie according to 1998 stats was $18.90 hr, mean salarie 1998 was $20.01 with a mean ...
  4. It is never to late to start to travel. I started about a year ago and I am over 50. So many of the travelers that I have met are older than 40. This is a wonderful way to meet new people, continue on with nursing without having to put up with the ...
  5. I am an ER travel nurse with 35 years experience in nursing. I started traveling in July of last year and find that in general physicians do not respect nurses. They ignore the education we are required to have, including ACLS, TNCC, PALS, CEN etc ...