Insurance and Benefits ~ Unaffordable?

  1. [font=Franklin Gothic Medium] I just found out that the insurance for me, my hubby, and two kids is going to cost me SEVEN-HUNDRED DOLLARS per month doing travel nursing.
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    [font=Franklin Gothic Medium] WTH?
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    [font=Franklin Gothic Medium] I recall speaking with a travel company that told me adding my family would only be another 20 or 30 bucks a week....what happened?
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    [font=Franklin Gothic Medium] Could you people say which co. you're with and your insurance costs?
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  3. by   HeyFraydo
    Go to for another option
  4. by   Dixielee
    I have my husband on mine thru RN Network, and it is $138 per pay period. I think that is considered "family" coverage, but not sure cause I don't have kids to insure. We have excellant coverage for what I think is quite affordable considering what others have been charging. That is another reason to find a reputable company and stick with them. Hospitals are paying all travel companies the same amount of money and the individual companies decide how to dole it out to the nurse. Some give high hourly salaries and lousy benefits, some bad housing, etc. Find one that has a nice blend that you can be comfortable with and stay there! There are always tradeoffs, and there is NO free lunch.
  5. by   SarasotaRN2b
    Actually I think that it is different if you have a husband vs. a husband and children. That is just what I have seen when looking at different insurance policies.