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i've just recently decided i'd like to try travel nursing. i have a CA & NV licence & experience in ER & critical care. i "wanna go to Hawaii" ...but am hesitant to commit to longer than 4 weeks.... Read More

  1. by   CJ777
    Oh, and if you happen to find a job with them. Mention me. (I can give you the info later). I would spilt any referral that they paid. Good-luck and God Bless.
  2. by   moonrose2u
    is it possible to go to hawaii on a 13 week contract, or do they companies require more of a committment?
  3. by   moonrose2u
    Quote from zipporah
    RNERHOUSESUPERVISOR..can I ask you about your assignment? I haven't heard good things about travel in Hawaii. I hear poor wages, shifts not guarenteed, travelers not accepted and dumped on...this was form an Er nurse...I am ICU/CVICU but I've done some supervisor work...they hire travel house supervisors? I wanted to go to Hilo...

    could you email me privately with the company you plan to use? i am also a house supervisor and have't had luck in finding a company that wants to hire anything but staff nurses. i am interested in hawaii also.

    know anything about tripler or one of the military bases?
  4. by   erkantarik
    i always wanted to go there
    good luck