I just signed a contract!

  1. I signed a contract today for a 13 week travel nursing assignment.

    I will be working in my home state. The job starts Jan 3, but hubby and I will be going up a week early to have Christmas with our families.

    I will working 120 miles away from my mom's house, but the unit agreed to schedule my shifts all in a row, so that I will have 3-4 days off a week to go stay with my mom.

    The job pays $9.00/hr more than I was making at my job here, and includes free, private housing at a luxury apt complex. Dishes, microwave, TV, coffee maker and linens are provided, as well as a one-car garage. I will have guaranteed pay- meaning that if my shifts are cancelled for any reason, I still get paid for 36 hrs a week. My travel to and from the job is paid, also.

    I am so excited! :hatparty:
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  3. by   suzanne4
    Congratulations...............right now it is the only way to go...........everything taken care of for you.
    If you want high-speed internet, you wil have to pay for it, as well as any upgrades to your cable television. Otherwise, it is taken care of...
  4. by   Town & Country
    [font=Georgia] The address change is a pain in the neck, though.

    [font=Georgia] But I'm with you, I love travel nursing. I'm on my first assignment. I like having everything taken care of for me.
    [font=Georgia] I also like NOT being an employee of the hospital. I don't have to get involved in the petty squabbles and back-biting......I try to stay apart but they will test you.
    [font=Georgia] Don't let anybody walk all over you or they will continue to do it.
    [font=Georgia] You have to be confident, like people, and it helps to be outgoing and assertive.....just my opinion.
    [font=Georgia] People get away with what they can..........LOL.